Design Committee

Southern Ridge Homeowners Association is a Covenant Community. The covenants are the rules our community has agreed that all homeowners will abide by. The Design committee is in charge of making sure we all follow those covenants. Basic rules include:

  • No building without approval (includes house, garage, sheds, fences, etc.)
  • Paint Colors must be approved before painting house
  • Only wrought iron or wood fences
  • No signs, advertisements, or billboards
  • No trailers, boats, or campers may be stored on any property or street
  • Homeowners are expected to keep their home and yard in good condition

For a more detailed list please review the covenants.

If you need to submit plans to the Design committee, you may get the form at the link below.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community beautiful!

Online Project Approval Form
Project Approval Form(Print version)
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