Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Location: Reliance Community Church
Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Meeting Time: 6:30 pm
Board Members in Attendence: Kip, Connie, Brian, Ryan, Joe, Tyler, James


Call Meeting to Order: 6:33pm

Approval of October Minutes:

Brian motions to approve the October minutes. Kip seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.

Appoint New Board Members: Joe and James volunteered to be on the board. Ryan states he has one other resident that is interested in serving on the board, but could not be at the meeting on time. Tyan told the resident that he would put his name down and once he arrived if he was still interested and a seat was still open, he could volunteer for it. Kip motions to approve Joe and James to the Southern Ridge Board of Directors. Brian seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.
Tyler arrives at 7:09pm. Tyler volunteers to be on the board. Ryan motions to approve Tyler to the Southern Ridge Board of Directors. Kip seconds the motion. Motion passes 6-0.

Appoint Board Officers:

President – Kip volunteers to be nominated as President. Brian motions to approve appointment of President to Kip. Ryan seconds the motion. Motion passes 6-0.
Secretary – No members volunteered for fill officer seat. Officer seat is still available.
Treasurer – Connie volunteers to be nominated as Treasurer. Kip motions to approve appointment of Treasurer to Connie. Joe seconds the motion. Motion passes 6-0.

Executive Session: Board went into Executive Session at 6:47pm and temporarily suspended at 7:09pm. Board re-enters Executive session at 7:12pm and suspends at 7:25pm.

Ryan motions to move forward with collections on account numbers 53340, 53575, 53578, 31939. Brian seconds the motion. Motion passes 7-0.

Resident Open Forum: No residents present at meeting.

DRC: No change to committee members. Members include: Joe and Ryan. Approved a fence and denied a shed in an easement. Shed needed to be re-planned out of the easement and resubmitted for DRC approval.

Landscape Committee: Landscape Committee has been restructured. Members include: Brian and James. Kip adds that the last mow for 2019 will be on 11/28. LC members feel that it would be ok to terminate the last mow. Kip will contact Country Side to not mow, concluding Southern Ridge/Country Side contract.

  • Tree Planting: New trees planted in spring 2019 will be replaced in the dormant season in 2019 and 2020. Southern Ridge will be required to pay for the labor. 8 trees will come out to approx. $1,000.
  • Irrigation: Winterization of the irrigation system will take place Saturday November 23rd.

Priority Business:

Brian presents an issue to the board. Brian states that there was an ultimatum issued by the President of HOA Management that either a board member resign, or HOA Management would resign and not represent Southern Ridge anymore. The board member resigned. Brian is concerned that due to the fact that all of the HOA’s records are kept with HOA Management and the board does not maintain copies in case HOA Management were to resign? Brian states his concern is that Southern Ridge’s records are kept on servers managed by HOA Management to which the board of directors does not have access. Some Southern Ridge board members have talked about working off a Google drive, but HOA Management is not agreeable. Southern Ridge is required by law to maintain records for 5 years, in the case of lawsuit or issues that may arise. For safe keeping, backups should be kept by the board at all times and the board of directors should request incremental backups from HMS. Jennifer clarifies that the board would receive paper copies of all of our boxes and files if HOAMS and Southern Ridge were to part ways. Also, the board would receive jump drives. HOAMS assures that Southern Ridge would not be left high and dry. Ryan asked what the process is to have a copy like that now, due to personnel changes on the board. New members might ask what happened 3 to 4 years ago? Jennifer says she will get an answer for that process as far as what it takes to get that data. Brian states that Southern Ridge has been burned in the past by 2 other management companies not correctly retaining the HOA’s data. Brian motions to request HOAMS to make backup of the past 5 years or all of our records. Ryan seconds the motion. Motion passes 7-0.

  • Dirt/Mud on Sidewalks: A report from a resident stated there was mud on the sidewalk again in the areas that were fixed this fall. Multiple members have walked the area of concern and did not see any issue with dirt/mud. Brian states that there was one house that is overwatering in that area and the water is running over the sidewalk without pooling.
  • Additional Sidewalk: No new information has been given from Jay Russel.
  • Tree Replacement (Under Warranty): Covered in Landscape Committee.
  • 2020 Landscape Bids: SOW was prepared by Jennifer with an attached mow map. Several vendors have been contacted for bids. Jennifer says that vendors are asking who will be POC for Southern Ridge to determine if they will or will not bid landscape. Companies who have been sought include: Hay, SLM, Fierce. James voices concern about bids being X number of mows. He would like to see the bids state X number per treatment and per application. He and Brian would also like to see Southern Ridge get away from a one stop shop for a landscape company and go towards having a mowing company, irrigation company, fertilization application company. Board as a whole have reviewed and edited SOW for landscape bids. Mow map was reviewed also. Jennifer will edit the SOW and email it to the board for approval. Brian asks if we can approve the SOW outside of minutes. Jennifer clarifies that the board can do so because it is not a financial vote.
  • 2020 Projects: Board as a whole looked at the new Schultey Johnson Addition which will begin development during 2020 as an extension to the South of Southern Ridge. Brian states this addition should be watched closely for future financial impactss. In the best interest of the board and Southern Ridge, Brian states that it would be good to set up a meeting with the board and Jay Russel to ask questions direct to him and receive direct answers from Jay. Board would send Jay a list of the questions in advance that would be asked in hopes that Jay will be able to bring the best answers and information possible. Brian was reviewing the plans for landscape and maintenance purposes. Jay has already assured the board would get out of the project without any additional costs to the HOA.

**Next Board Meeting will be held on January 27th @ 6:30pm. Meeting will be held at Reliance Community Church, at the corner of Pawnee and 119th.