Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church

Meeting Date: March 25, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Members in Attendance: Kip, Tyler, Danielle, Brian, Connie, Ryan, and Kendall


 Call Meeting to Order: 6:32pm

Approval of January Board Minutes:  Brian moved to approve January Board Minutes, Kip seconds, approved 6-0. (Connie Absent).

Resident Open Forum: Joe asked how to raise the tennis net to the volleyball height.  Board noted it needs to be discussed.  Brian stated he could get information from his neighbor and report back to the Board.  (Connie arrived at 6:35).  It was noted the basketball goal had been lowered and we need to keep an eye out for residents changing the height.  Tyler noted we should post signs which reflect clear rules.

 Treasurers Report: $134,414 which does not include prepaids and pool key deposits.  Tyler presented a projected cash flow for the next few months which accommodated for all the major items in 2019.  He anticipates spending $77,050 in special projects, not including 2019 budgeted items, which is a net loss for 2019.

 DRC: DRC received and denied a request for an artificial yard as it is against the covenants.

Landscaping Committee:  Did first mow and scheduled to put in pre-emergent this week.

 Priority Business:

  • HOAMS Contract was provided via e-mail. Danielle asked question regarding e-mail responses.  No further discussion. Kip motions to accept the HOAMS contract, Connie seconds; Motion carries 7-0.
  • Landscape planting plan presented by Brian. Brian took the landscape architect plan as well as bids from Bradys’, Hilltop, Treetop, Dusches Greenhouse, Taylor Lawncare, Hoangs, and Countryside to put this final plan together.  Brady’s bid came in lowest for trees.  Zogleman came in with the best overall plant/shrubs bid.  HOAMS noted the pricing for trees and plantings are all at great deals.  Tyler motions to use Brady for trees/install and Zogleman for plants/shrubs/install and Horsch for boulder install, Ryan seconds; motion carries 7-0.
  • Pool Plumbing bids were sought to install 2 water valves in pump room. Bids were received from Brand Plumbing, Plumbing Solutions, and Green Meadows.  Tyler motions to have Green Meadows plumb the valves, Brian seconds; motion carries 7-0.
  • Pool Vendor bids were sought to maintain and clean the pool. Bids came in from Personal Touch Pools, Platinum Pools, Aquasizers, and Shocker Pools.  Brian asked what HOAMS knows about Shocker Pools.  Jennifer noted she hasn’t managed any HOA’s that have used them.  Shocker pools came in as the lowest bid.  Aquasizers has been at Southern Ridge before but we didn’t feel they had the best service.  Connie asked if there was a winter check option with Personal Touch.  It was noted it isn’t in the bid but we could request more a bid for that.  Brian noted there was feedback with cleanliness of the pool under Personal Touch.  HOAMS noted that it was more likely an issue of being a new pool.  Ryan motions to use Shocker pools for full-service cleaning and testing, Danielle seconds; motion carries 7-0.  It was noted the pool opens Thursday, May 16th (same day as school is out).  Closing date is set as September 9, 2019.
  • Pool Rules are discussed. Brian noted that allowing alcohol had brought up before.  HOAMS noted the biggest reason we haven’t allowed drinking at the pool is because of insurance liability.  Tyler stated that we have a basic responsibility to be an adult and drink responsibly.  Tyler asked what the process was if someone was caught breaking the rules.  Jennifer noted that there is a pool resolution which addresses the consequences for breaking rules.  Danielle pointed out again that this rule was for liability and to help eliminate obtrusive behavior.  It was agreed by a majority of Board members that alcohol shall remain on the prohibited list.  The rule about how many guests are allowed at the pool was discussed.  There is currently only one guest allowed per household.  Tyler motions to allow for a maximum of 4 guests per household, Brian seconds; motion carries 7-0.  Connie noted a concern for food in the pool.  It was proposed that food should not be allowed within the gates of the pool.  Danielle motions that food, smoking (to include tobacco and vaping products), and obscene language or gestures should be added to the prohibited list in the pool rules, Tyler seconds; motion carries 7-0.  HOAMS will get the pool rules signs printed: four signs at 18”x12” and one at 36”x24”.  Rules for the Sport Court sign to include: 1. No: Climbing , hanging, pulling or sitting on nets, pets, glass items, alcohol, smoking, food, obscene language 2. Sport Court is for Southern Ridge Residents and their guest (max 4 guests per household).  Residents who cause damage will be held responsible.  Jennifer will order four 12’x18” signs for the sport court.  Additionally Jennifer will order 4 each (3”x12”) Sport court hours signs: 9am-8pm (fall, winter, spring) and 8am-9pm (Summer hours).
  • Three bids were sought for the playground mulch, needed to bring the fill back to an acceptable level. Bids were sought from BYO, Quality Timber Products, and Versasport.  BYO came in as the lowest bid and they had done the original install.  Countryside came in as the lowest bid to spread the mulch. Danielle moves to approve BYO as the mulch provider and Countryside as the labor contractor for spreading the mulch; Brian seconds; motion carries 7-0.
  • A letter still needs to be sent to Studium addressing our discrepancies. Brian will work to amend the current draft of the letter to Studium and provide to Board for final approval before HOAMS sends via certified letter.  Kip notes that a Studium meeting will have to be called to discuss steps moving forward.  Special Session Meeting is set for April 8th at 6:00pm.  This meeting will mostly include Studium discrepancy items, as well as a few bids for commons area needs.  Two members stated the can’t make the April 22nd Board meeting.  Board Meeting is rescheduled for April 29th at 6:30.
  • Brian asked Jennifer to get updates on bids signs for the commons area.
  • Danielle asked about setting a garage sale date as several residents are asking for dates. Board will look for a list of other community dates and bring to April 8th

Adjournment: 8:42 pm

* Next Meeting will be held on April 8th @ 6:00pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).

* Next Board Meeting will be held on April 29th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).