June Minutes

Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church

Meeting Date: June 24, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Members in Attendance: Kip, Danielle, Connie, Ryan, Brian, and Kendall

Absent: Tyler



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:34pm

Approval of April/May Board Minutes:

Connie arrives at 6:36pm.  Ryan motions to approve minutes as written, Kendall seconds.  Motion passes 4-0, one abstention.

Resident Open Forum: One resident in attendance, discussed concerns regarding fines he received for landscaping issues (weeds and plantings), and asked for a waiver of the fees/fines.  Discussion and explanation of why and how the fines accrued.  Brian asked HOAMS to provide more information on the letters and fines so that the Board would be able to better review and make a determination.  HOAMS will e-mail information to the Board with the intent that the issues will come to vote at the next meeting.

 Treasurers Report: Treasurer absent.

DRC: Approved fence, roofs, denied a roof based on color, still have a couple of fences to review and approve.  Discussed resident who requested an exception to store his trailer on Mondays and Fridays.  Brian requested that the resident submit a letter defining the length of time and anticipated times it would be stored there.  The issue will go to vote at the July meeting.

Landscaping Committee:  Joe asked if there was a reason our mowers didn’t trim under the trees on the south end of the south parking lot.  Discussion ensued regarding areas of commons lawn that have been missed.  Brian asked that any missed areas be brought to his attention so he can deal with it.  Brian also stated that HOAMS could e-mail Brian anytime they identify areas of concern and he will deal with Countryside directly.

Tree trimming bids were requested from seven vendors, but Arbor Masters was the only bid returned.  Danielle asked if we have to do all the work at one time or if we can manage the work over a longer course of time.  Kip arrives at 7:19pm.  Danielle asked if we need to wait for one or two more bids or get moving on some areas.  Brian said this work could be spread out or done all at once.  Brian is only looking for certified arborists for a majority of the work, but would consider alternatives for Osage Orange.   Mulberry trees are affecting pine trees around the large pond.  Brian recommends we cut and then poison the stumps so they won’t come back.  Brian noted we can table this matter to the next meeting and not lose time.

Brian noted there is a large strip of commons land, needing attention/development, between the Hadden and Lark Ct homes.  Brian recommends sending a letter to the residents whose lots back up to the south side of the trees to determine whether they would consider managing the maintenance of the land.  Brian will prepare the letter and submit to the Board for review and approval.

 Priority Business:

  • Signs are printed for the pool, sport courts, hours, no trespassing. Big Pool sign would go where the current sign is, small pool rules signs are to be hung double sided on the pool gates, and sport court signs are posted double sided on each of the sport court gates, with the hours signs posted just underneath.  The No Trespassing signs would be placed: On Sport Court (North End), One on the Pool Fence facing the playground, one on each of the pool gates, and one on the middle of the two gates of the sport court, with one saved for the trash blind of the south parking lot.  Brian moved to approve HOAMS to hang the signs not to exceed $160 in labor, Kip Seconded, motion carries 6-0.
  • HOAMS provided new dog bag station options, Ryan motions to get one replacement station with a trash can built in, and two matching replacement cans to be added to the current stations. New station to be placed on the south end of the sport court (opposite side of sidewalk), Danielle seconds, motion carries 6-0.  Jennifer will get a bid for installing new station and emptying trash bags.
  • Danielle motions to order three new commercial trashcans for the commons area, which will be reviewed and approved via e-mail (Ryan to make recommendations), Connie seconds, motion carries 5-0-1.
  • Brian presented renderings for fence blinds. Multiple Board members noted they liked the first option.  Danielle motioned to move forward with obtaining bids on option 1 of Brian’s rendering, Brian seconded, motion carries 6-0.  Tyler and Kendall to obtain bids.
  • Danielle moved to take the meeting into executive session, Kip seconded, motion carries 6-0. Discussion ensued regarding account 53576, Kip motioned to approve waiver of $1,019.67, Danielle seconded, motion carries 6-0.
  • Brian noted he is over-seeding the lawn with on September 1st. This would affect our decision for a potential neighborhood party.  We will discuss at next meeting.

Adjournment: 8:36 pm

* Next Board Meeting will be held on July 22nd @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).