Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Location: Southern Ridge Commons Pavilion
Meeting Date: January 28, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm
Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile
Board Member in Attendance: Connie, Danielle, Brian, Tyler, Ryan, and Kendall


Call Meeting to Order: 6:33pm

Approval of November Board Minutes: Brian motioned to approve minutes, Kip seconded, Motion Carries 7-0.

Resident Open Forum:
• Residents in attendance: anonymous
• Resident asked about sport court and commons lighting and schedules. Brian and Tyler noted that those details are being finalized. Still looking through feedback from residents and making assessments. Tyler noted that conduit has been run for lighting in the future but at this point in the project scope we didn’t have the money in the budget and wanted to wait to get more feedback from residents. Ryan asked if other HOA’s have lighting on their basketball courts; Jennifer with HOAMS said she doesn’t have any neighborhoods under her management which have lighting on their courts and Connie noted that Forrest Ridge and Turkey Creek neighborhoods don’t have lighted courts.

Treasurer Report: Roughly $111,000 in free cash (balance minus pre-paids and pool keys) with a large amount of expenses coming up this spring. Dues are coming in next month so we will also see a slight jump in the balance. Did a review of anticipated expenses, to include irrigation, landscaping, finishing touches for commons, etc. and we should stay at or above $60,000 reserve this year. We heard back from our insurance agent. The agent was able to apply additional credits to our insurance coverage but with more robust commons amenities it brought our bill just higher than before. The updated insurance statement provided a 10% reduction in rates with a total premium of $3939 with a $2,500 deductible. Connie has a concern about the projected income and cash flows but it wasn’t taking into account the payments for principle on the loan. There is concern this won’t reflect properly with our income statement by showing a surplus we don’t have. Tyler will follow up to rectify the oversight.

DRC: Joe doesn’t have any open requests.

Landscaping Committee: Brian provided bids for the commons landscaping services for 2019. Four bids are submitted from Countryside, Premier Landscape, Yeisley Lawn Care, and Suburban Landscape. Discussion ensued about each vendor. We have used Countryside and it was noted that we had an overall good experience with their service. Connie noted that Countryside contracts out their mowing service and expressed concern with how their contractor wasn’t able to manage our mowing effectively; she was concerned we might encounter this issue again. Brian stated that Countryside had offered to bring on one of their most experienced mowing contractors at the same contract price, or allow us to find another vendor of our choosing. Connie expressed that she is leery of using Countryside because they contract out their mowing services. Brian clarified to the board that during the 2018 season he had not received any concerns from any board members and did not understand the reason for Connie’s concern. Brian stated that he and Countryside were aware of some performance issues with the current mower early in the season and worked through the season to correct those. Most mowing companies underestimate the amount of work required to properly manage Southern Ridge’s vast areas and Brian’s higher quality standards and underbid. Brian further stated the HOA should not simply be shopping for a mowing company as Connie suggests, this is why the HOA has had problems with landscape management in the past. Brian stated that grounds maintenance companies must have a strong irrigation and chemical application background and quality mowing simply complements those strengths. Danielle noted that the way in which Countryside handled the problem was fair and in good faith as they recognized they had a contractor that failed us and was able to provide us with favorable options for rectifying the situation. Ryan motioned to use Countryside and lock in service at the proposal price for two years, Brian seconded. Motion carries 6-1.

Kip motioned to move the Closed session to the end of the meeting to reduce hassle on residents having to leave the room during the closed session.

Priority Business:
• CMC’s proposed property solution: CMC placed a new home driveway on a portion of HOA land and in the process also removed HOA sidewalk and the sidewalk ramp. Danielle noted that at the point the builder removed the sidewalk, they knew they were encroaching upon HOA property. The board takes issue with CMC encroaching on the HOA’s property and later working with the City to claim the land for the homeowner without having reached out to the HOA before doing so. Board discussed options for getting retribution. Tyler and Ryan noted seeking an option of financial compensation. Connie noted the need to also ensure the sidewalk and encroachment was replaced. Brian reminded the Board that this was our back-up entry point for large equipment to enter the property. Danielle suggested we value the property and request reimbursement. Danielle asked how much property the HOA lost as a result and suggested using a formula for recouping costs. HOAMS calculated that the West boundary frontage was reduced from 33’ to 16.58’. The resident noted their lot cost $27,000. Several Board members noted there should also be a fine of sorts tacked on to the cost of the land taken. Jennifer will convey information to Rodney along with proposed solutions. Danielle noted we would get a faster and better result if we also include JRussel in the conversation. Jennifer and Rodney will have something to CMC and JRussel within 48 hours; this would include sidewalk approach pre-approved by Board and Resident as well as equal property value and any associated fines.
• Commons Updates
• Brian sent a board-approved e-mail terminating Studium’s contract for the remainder of the commons project; Studium has provided no confirmation. Connie suggested we send a certified letter, so we have documentation and confirmation the letter was received. HOAMS will work on sending the letter. Brian noted the work to be completed amounts to several minor items and Brian and Tyler will just continue to work on these items but directly with new vendors.
• Mill-Tel Status: Mill-Tel improperly installed some items
o Access button was installed so that entry can be gained from outside court by pushing the emergency exit button. They were made award of the needs prior to the install and again during install.
o We’ve had issues with the quality of the Pool box installed as the door easily comes off of the emergency button.
o Camera types and pricing were noted in the bid received prior to the work being contracted. However after install the pricing and types were not correct.
o We are not paying invoices until discrepancies can be worked out.
o We paid half of the bill, $3,400 in August. The next notification came to submit payment was for $7,000 (approximately $3000 in revisions and change orders). Change orders were never approved by the HOA. The change order they provided to HOAMS listed 3 items with no detail for $3000; it is noted that Mill-Tel will need to provide further detail before proceeding.
o The work and equipment provided has been within the scope of the original bid/install. Kip noted that when Tyler talks to Terry at HOAMs, he needs to have her take it off the “approved” list.
o Brian noted that the lines of communications were mixed up from the beginning. Mill-Tel thought HOAMS was buying the system and had all the decision making power. Tyler asked that Mill-Tel write in the contract that all cameras/services are owned by Southern Ridge – pursuant to a request by Brian several months ago.
• Danielle asked roughly how much was still outstanding on the Studium bill. Tyler and Brian guessed there was roughly $35,000 outstanding but a portion of this was in dispute pending the agreement about damages done to HOA property during construction. There are two outstanding billing issues, one with the sport court which had some installation issues, and the other with the playground installer which had damaged property.
• Danielle revisited an e-mail request for a Board member to help price additional playground mulch. It was noted Tyler has two bids and just needs one more.
• Danielle left meeting at 8:06pm. The remaining meeting notes provided by Jennifer at HOAMS.
• Trash receptacles were discussed; it was decided to have one trash blind with two trash containers in a similar location to the last. The blind will need to be poured on a concrete pad with a blind.
• Additional dirt fill is needed at this time, the cost for the work to be completed is $4,300. Tyler motioned to approve the additional dirt and Brian seconds. Motion carries 6-0.
• Board discussed having HOAMS create binders for the Board to help with information passing and researching. Jennifer was able to quote the binders at $15 each with an additional printing cost for the content that goes into the binder. No decision was made.
• Tyler noted that a bill from HOAMS didn’t seem to add up correctly. Jennifer said she would check with Terri at HOAMS to review and reach back out to Tyler.
• Tyler followed up regarding the City condemning portions of the community sidewalk along Yosemite street. Tyler stated he could send a copy of the letter to Jennifer at HOAMS. Someone noted that it would be cheaper to let the City replace the sidewalk and bill to residents as a private concrete company would charge a greater deal to come out and replace small portions of a sidewalk at a time.

Adjournment: 8:30 pm
* Next Board Meeting will be held on February 25th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).