Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church

Meeting Date: August 26, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Members in Attendance: Kip, Danielle, Connie, Ryan, Brian, and Kendall



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:33pm

Approval of July Board Minutes:

Brian motions to approve minutes as written, Kip seconds.  Motion passes 6-0.

Resident Open Forum: No residents in attendance.

President’s Notes, Restructuring Officers – Board Moved to Executive Session at 6:35pm.  Board exited executive session at 7:43.

Brian moves to allow Kip to solely approve invoices from now until the HOA term (November), Ryan seconds. Motion carries 5-1.

Regarding account 49117 Board agrees to a 50% reduction in fines contingent on a professional compliance resolution within 60 days, Danielle seconds.  Motion carries6-0.

Treasurers Report: Checking $47,672 savings is 40,062.

DRC: All requests have been standard, no issues.

Landscaping Committee:  Countryside hasn’t been able to manage their mowing portion of the contract.  Brian sought bids and received two proposals.  Brian determined we ought to just allow Countryside to continue their contract out as we have very little time left in the mowing system.

Irrigation Repair: Countryside reviewed and made some fixes.  Brian reviewed and found a number of irrigation issues still existed.  Countryside bid $3,500 for to fix those identified repairs.  Brian doesn’t feel the level of Countryside’s work met our standards.  Because the work needs to be done now, there isn’t enough time to go through a formal bidding process.  Brian volunteers to call around to get a couple of quotes for the work and move forward if we can find an acceptable quote.  Danielle motions to approve a budget not to exceed $4,000 for repairing the irrigation issues, Kendall seconds.  Motion carries 6-0.

Over-seeding: Zogelmann would over-seed the recreation area for, add additional topsoil around the recreation areas to cover washout, and attend to the high areas around the ponds to alleviate some of the sidewalk runoff issues.  Total of $5,300 to manage all three aspects.  Jennifer noted resident concerns about a high weed area near Yosemite Ct/Large Pond area, which needs to be over-seeded.  Brian motions to over-seed, add topsoil, manage sidewalks, and add the proposed over-seeding of the area around the large pond, not to exceed $6,500, Ryan seconds.  Motion carries 6-0.

Kip met with a contractor for J Russell who was out on site to survey the runoff at the small pond.  J Russell anticipates connecting the sidewalks on the north and south of the street to connect the drainage ditch on both sides of the street.  They would be adding sidewalks with approaches on both sides of the street, clean out the drainage ditch, and add rip rap to the south side of the street.

Priority Business:

  • Annual Meeting is planned for Monday, October 28th at 6:30 and November Board meeting is set for Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30pm. Pool open through Sunday, September 8th and locked on Monday, September 9th.
  • Trash Blind bids came in from Miller, Martin Welding, Great Plains Welding. Ryan motions to approve Great Plains to install the trash blind frame with Brian installing the wood siding.  Brian anticipates getting the posts installed this week and the wood completion within the next week.
  • Discussion occurred regarding a plan for monument landscaping updates. Discussion tabled until later in the year as this won’t occur until Spring and we still have time to manage the claim.
  • Morrison came out to review the roof and gutter on the pavilion and pool house. Joe thought it could be under warranty since we aren’t yet a year out from the build.  Connie asked if we had a warranty, but it was determined that no one had information on that.  Brian recommended getting a spot fix while waiting for the estimates.  Jennifer will request a spot fix and provide Board with bid information on the overall roof and gutter situation.
  • It was noted by Brian that Tyler proposed an emergency meeting to get money approved for party plans and various landscaping issues.
  • Brian handed out the Waste Connections letter to residents informing them that we are partnering with Waste Connections to provide discounted area service.
  • Danielle and Kendall provided Board with proposed outlines for a potential safety committee and social committee for the community. Board briefly reviewed and determined we would have to discuss at the next meeting.

Adjournment: 8:43 pm

* Next Board Meeting will be held on September 23rd @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).