April Special Session

Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church

Meeting Date: April 8, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Members in Attendance: Kip, Tyler, Danielle, Brian, Ryan, and Kendall



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:05

Resident Open Forum: A resident, Vanessa, presented a request for purchasing and installing a Little Free Library.  Brief discussion about national program vs do-it-yourself kit.  Board noted interest.  Tyler asked if there was a good location.  Brian asked if there was a way to make it a private library (if using the Little Free Library) program so the public wouldn’t have access to our location.  Danielle requested more information from Vanessa regarding making the library Public/Private.  Board will discuss the details at the next meeting.

 Priority Business:

  • Work Not Completed: The first and most impacting item not completed is the grading and drainage. KE Miller created a grading and drainage plan but it was determined later that this plan wouldn’t work.  Brian asked early on whether Studium would do grade stakes and shoot grade.  This was the number one request for this project.  It was done near the sport court but not for the rest of the commons.  Tyler kept asking Wes at Studium for a grade plan and that plan wasn’t provided.  Studium paid Wagner to do dirt work early on.  Do we have record from Studium as to dirt work completed?  The only change order we had was from change order 1 for earth work on Sport Court, however many of the change orders are unclear.  Furthermore, this was part of the original plan and the change order shouldn’t be a valid “additional charge”.  Studium marked the grading 100% complete on their AIA pay app.  They considered it done even though we provided feedback to the contrary.  We don’t have a lien release from Wagner so there is no guarantee that contractor was paid.
  • When doing demo, Studium realized through a major rain, that they had to
  • KE Miller’s plan was flawed. We couldn’t lay blame on Studium’s execution of the plan, however Tyler found errors when looking at the elevation of the sport court.  Wes poured the concrete twice because they interpreted the plan wrong.  Started looking at the detail in the grade plan as a result and looked at the sidewalks.  It was determined that the elevation between the sport court and pavilion had to come up.  Also realized there was a low spot left on the plan to the North of the pavilion.  It was a failure on KE Miller’s plan. There was negligence on Studium for not working with KE MIller on the elevation of the sport court and the specific instructions from the court providers.
  • By having to repour the sport court it further created negative drainage between the pavilion and sport court. Had the court been poured properly, the court drainage would have been okay but there would have been a pond  around the pavilion.
  • Studium’s accounting has some discrepancies.
  • We will take their $55,000 estimated in total change orders. In considering this number we need to back out anything considered incomplete work (dirt work) plus any payments made directly to vendors.  The only reason we worked directly with the playground company in a settlement is that we were contacted by BYO to get payment.  The history is that after the playground was damaged, Studium never worked to negotiate the settlement on the damage.
  • In meeting with Studium, we may have some items that they say are not within scope. We will have to note that there are no signed approvals for charges/changes.
  • Start the meeting with the specific numbers for this account. We have asked them since December to show us why we are wrong, but we have not been provided the information.
  • It was noted that Ryan and Kip will be primarily running this meeting, Brian and Tyler will also be present.
  • For this meeting we’re requesting the following: 1. A final calculation for the as built concrete justified by the initial concrete pour. 2. Grade work: created a negative grade work for the grading of the mis pour on the sport court. Didn’t fill in the shrub beds and we had to go back to get that filled in.  Accounts payable listing all contractors having worked in our commons, invoices from the contractors, as well as payments to these contractors.
  • Kip and Ryan will bring information back to the board for the next meeting on April 29th for further discussion.
  • Brian noted Sport Court damages were brought to the police. Officer Perkins determined that the damage wasn’t malicious and the kids were able to gain entry via the faulty key card installation.  The officer noted there is gray area as to whether we would be able to press charges and seek damages.  Our rules are enforceable to the HOA/residents, but unless it is illegal, we have no recourse.  Officer Perkins suggested a key-in and key-out system.  Danielle asked whether MillTel would install pro-bono since it was improperly installed in the first place.  We will need to have a conversation on the rules and consequences for various scenarios.  The officer said we might consider putting the kids’ faces on FB to get information on who was responsible; he suggested offering a reward as incentive.  Brian asked if we could put the kids face on FB and he recommended we talk to an attorney first.
  • Danielle to follow up with Jennifer on signs. Board wants to discuss a repercussions list for actions not following rules.

Adjournment: 7:59 pm

* Next Board Meeting will be held on April 29th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).