Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church

Meeting Date: May 13, 2019 Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Members in Attendance: Kip, Tyler, Danielle, Connie, Ryan, and Kendall

Absent: Brian



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:30pm

Approval of March Board Minutes:

February Minutes: Ryan motions to approve, Kendall seconds, motion passes 5-0 with one abstention.

March Minutes: Kip motions to approve, Kendall seconds, motion passes 6-0.

April Special Session Minutes: Danielle to amend minutes to reflect that Connie wasn’t in attendance and fix date at top.  Kip motions to approve, Ryan seconds.  Motion passes 6-0.

Resident Open Forum: One resident in attendance, no questions or concerns.

 Treasurers Report: Southern Ridge has $40,000 in savings and $59,000 in checking, with an additional $1,900 in our Fidelity account.  We still need to work with MilTell regarding final payment on the security system/cameras.  Tyler has asked for a copy of the contract from Jennifer at HOAMS.  Had a meeting with Mill-Tell because we don’t have completed work (secure court and camera adjustments.  A lot of ideas were kicked around to fix the camera viewing issues, which are theoretically positioned too high, and the first best option is to move the camera down.  Tyler spoke with Jake (installer) to get updated invoicing for everything they have done for us since the beginning of the project.  Original contract was for $6,800, there was an addition of $2,500 for the installation of the east side gate card access system.  We have paid them $3,400 but have received a bill for $11,000.  We anticipate owing an additional $3,400 on the original contract as well as the $2,500 for the east side gate access system.  Working on replacing the emergency exit at the sport court but still determining the best solution to this.  MillTell has suggested removing the emergency button and replacing it with a second key system – so that residents would have to key in and key out.  Payment will not be made until work is completed to satisfaction.

 DRC: Approved a swimming pool.  Denied a driveway to the back yard because it was for the purpose of parking a vehicle in the back.  Another request coming through soon.

Landscaping Committee:  Danielle mentioned the FB feedback regarding commons areas not being mowed.  The landscapers are behind because of the rain and lost a mower at another neighborhood (fell into the pond because of the wet ground/steep slope).  Still having irrigation issues that Brian is addressing (zone 9 not working at all, and an uncapped line with water shooting out).  There is a potential need for over-seeding of the areas that got washed out, but we will have to wait and see what comes up this week.  Brian and Tyler addressed the issue of the pool of water that collected to the north of the pool.  The drain was clogged by debris.  Connie asked about the rip rap around the main area drain to see if it would be “open” all the time.  Tyler noted the stakes and black silt trap/cloth will come out eventually.  Question about the mulch pile in the parking lot.  Tyler noted it was extra mulch but may be needed since all the rain washout.  He will discuss with Brian to determine if mulch can be moved or even spread in entrance monuments.

 Priority Business:

  • Studium is paid and they have provided us with all the lien releases. The final settlement amount was for $30,400 vs. their original bill of $37,400.  Studium poured a lot of concrete and they had underestimated the amount.  The fixed price contract still held us responsible for the overage costs.  They didn’t have the financial responsibility for anything over their scope.  The total contract sum was $465,000 plus landscaping.
  • Garage sale dates set for June 6-8. Will ask Jennifer to put out small signs to advertise near the commons area.  In addition to this Jennifer e-mailed everyone and Brian posted on FB.  Danielle will post on reminders on FB.  Large banners will be put out by Jennifer the week of the sale.
  • Connie asked about signage from CMC. Danielle will have Jennifer follow up with CMC to remove outdated signs.
  • Sidewalk is complete but Brian noted issues with grading and sprinkler. CMC scheduled work to be complete this past Saturday and said they would follow up with us upon verification of work completion.
  • Signs: Voted on changing verbiage of No Lifeguard signs. Discussion as to whether the Sport Court hours were set.  Ryan motioned to change the Sport Court Hours from Fall and Summer Hours to year-round hours which is set at 8am-9pm.  Ryan motions to approve, Kip seconds, motion passes 6-0.
  • Sport Court security addressed above in Treasurer’s report. Net problem is happening because of the improper re-install of the I-bolt.  Discussion happened regarding solutions to the possible fixes.  Additionally, someone cranked on the Winch and stripped the handle.  We do need a new winch as well as a security feature that will prevent people from repeating the same problem with the winch.  Tyler asked if someone could look into lockable winches or proper alternatives.  The bid we have from HOAMS is for $150 which includes parts and labor.  Kendall will look into options for getting a better fix before moving forward with the HOAMS bid.
  • Autofill valve wasn’t installed properly, Jennifer is following up with Green Meadows. Pool chairs are out and cover came off Saturday.  Not all chairs and set-up is complete.  Ask Jennifer to make sure pool and equipment is ready before Thursday.  Connie also noted the pool cover was wadded up to the side of the pool.  Jennifer will ask that the cover be properly removed and stored moving forward.
  • Pool Committee: Gary B. and Nate S. are being nominated in addition to one current Board Member to form a pool committee. Committee will coordinate opening, closing, bids, etc.  Question about providing them a budget.  Danielle suggested that we work through a pool year and to determine what kind needs and how much to extend.  Danielle also suggested setting up exact parameters for spending, if approved.  Joe noted that any Board member can spend up to $100 and get reimbursed so the Board member associated with the committee would be able to help with emergency purchases.  Tyler motions to form a pool committee, Danielle seconds, motion carries 6-0.  Tyler verified that Nate and Gary were acceptable nominations for the committee, Board agreed.
  • Danielle moved to amend the agenda to discuss trash blinds. Kendal received a quote for trash blinds with steel panel fence on plated post for $2,210.  Ryan suggested having a hardy board painted to match the pool house.  Joe mentioned having cross framing to support that style.  Tyler will follow up with Miller Construction for a bid.  Kendall will follow up with Wichita Fence company to see what their bid might be. 4’x8’x5’tall to look like a “U”.

Adjournment: 8:45 pm

* Next Board Meeting will be held on June 24th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).