Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm
Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile
Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Tyler, and Brian


Call Meeting to Order: 6:33pm

Approval of June Minutes: Kip moved to approve the August Minutes, Brian Seconds, motion passes 4-0. Discussion
regarding content of minutes. Resources are available but were not disseminated to the group, so Brian motioned to
table discussion for a future meeting, Kip seconded, motion passes 4-0.

Resident Open Forum: None

DRC: Two requests have been submitted for landscaping. Question from home owner looking to sell, information
provided to owner.

Landscaping: Brian sought out two requests for bids to clean entry monuments. One bid came through for $1,200
($300/sign for cleaning plus $100/sign to seal) to clean signs and seal. We did an acid wash last May, but it was not
sealed and they have quickly become dirty again. The work would be done in one day and should last approximately
five years. The second contractor never called back with a bid. There aren’t any other known contractors doing this
work at this time; HOAMS confirmed that there aren’t more known contractors doing this work. Brian motioned to
use Stone Veneer Specialist to clean and seal the monuments, Kip seconded, motion carried 5-0.

Connie arrived at 6:51pm

Bids were also sought to add a valve on sprinkler system to split zone 4 (around large pond). There are approximately
30-40 heads on one zone which reduces pressure to a negligible value creating turf issues. New wire would have to be
run from the pump out to zone 4 to split the zone. Countryside bid $1,500 to do this work. Countryside has a done a
fantastic job on irrigation and their pricing has been reasonable and competitive. Tyler motioned to split zone 4 using
Countryside, Brian seconded, motion carried 5-0.

Countryside bid to aerate all commons land (roughly seven acres) for $1,950 to include marking irrigation. Zogleman
was not an option because they would make us pay for the locates which cost $400-$500 last time. Additionally, bids
sought for over-seeding bare areas along Pawnee, large and small ponds, and sides of the South parking lot. This is
done through broadcast seeding and raking in seed; bid was quoted at $1,595. Brian motioned to aerate and overseed,
Kip seconded, motion carried 5-0.
Connie asked why our commons wasn’t being mowed along Pawnee on the west end. Brian said there were issues
with residents overwatering lawns and sumps being piped to this area which created soggy turf. Mowing the soggy
turf leads to ruts and turf damage.
Countryside outsources their mowing services, and their mowing subcontractor has become problematic. Countryside
stated that their vendor would be terminated and offered to provide us with a better subcontractor to fulfill the
remainder of the contract. Alternatively, Countryside gave us the option of securing our own vendor. A new vendor
approached Brian and offered to take over the service at the same contracted price. Brian agreed to use this new
company, Taylor’s Lawn Care, for the remainder the season. He is bonded and insured. Connie raised the concern
that this is a resident and asked we proceed with caution; we have had issues in the past with residents doing work for
us. Board noted we ought to secure a contract with Taylor’s Lawn Care to protect our interests. Taylor has been
provided the statement of work and we can request he sign it. Joe mentioned not having received any updates as a
member of the Landscaping Committee, only to hear about four issues tonight. Brian contended that most topics
were last minute, and he had been sitting on the aeration bid not sure if he was going to bring it up. Brian noted he
has been trying to manage too much and apologized.
Priority Business:
• Commons Update:
• Posts on Sport Court were not installed properly and when Claxton was asked to rework the posts, Claxton
was not immediately willing to amend the situation. Claxton acknowledged that the long side is wrong, but he is
not willing to concede that the south end pole spacing was done improperly. He has a rationale for how he
installed those fence posts, but this doesn’t sit right with the Tyler and Studium. The issue has not been put to
rest and Claxton was told not to do further work until an agreeable solution can be reached.
• Dirt work will begin shortly for re-grading to bring up the parking lot area because it sits too low as is. There
will be costs for this project, but it lies on Studium because they excavated too much soil.
• There is a Pay Order for $27,000 for concrete plus a management fee, combined the total is $30,090. There
was only about $3,400 left on the loan, so the bank sent SRHOA a check for $3,400 to close out the loan and all
future draws will come from our accounts directly. The loan closing date will be October 8th which should begin
our official loan payments. Studium is aware that they will not receive further funds from SRHOA until the
completion of the project. There is $16,520.06 showing to completion of the project (controlled budget funds).
This does not include open change order items which are in dispute. Question asked as to how much money
was in dispute. There are change orders 3, 4, and 5 which total approximately $18,000. Not too much of that
$18,000 is in dispute, but we are withholding funds until those disputes are resolved.
• There aren’t any updates on the play equipment and dog bag stations which were broken during install. This is
still in dispute with Studium. Studium offered to pay the costs of the irrigation breakage which was fixed by
Countryside so the HOA will withhold the costs of those repairs from our final payments to Studium.
• Change order clarification: $3,200 was for site prep for the sidewalks and drain work around playground.
• We know we already need another load of mulch. Studium was asked for a bid but hasn’t provided it. It was
noted that we could do that ourselves and save the 10% Studium fee.
• We were quoted $6,000 for the install of the pool heater. We ended up getting charged $6,444. The heater
was $4,700 but Connie found the heater for $1,937 on-line. It could be that the installer David Ditmer, quoted
the cost of the pump and install together. David quoted the install price (but it was a partial install because his
costs didn’t account for the gas line install, the mechanical, or the make-up air vent). That venting system works
in a way that there are dampers (with red lights) that are linked up to the heater. When the heater turns on
(lights turn green) vents will open and allow make-up air into the room.
• We have added a deposit of $540 to the gas company as per a request from the gas company. This will show
as a deposit on our statement and will continue to show each month as a credit.
• We will expect to see additional costs for the AB3 rock material for going with a wider sidewalk. Studium will
be responsible for bringing in dirt for proper grading of sidewalk/concrete area. SRHOA will be responsible for
bringing in approximately 15 tons of topsoil for landscaping needs. This work (and expense) has already been
contracted to Countryside.
• Sport court has been certified and Studium will provide the engineering certification as well as documentation
for the Flex Court approval. Tyler will obtain copies and put on the Google Drive
• Jennifer reported we are waiting on a part to arrive to fix the night vision capability of a few cameras. HOAMS
was told that a grommet was broken on two cameras and they are waiting for parts. HOAMS will follow up
tomorrow to get a status update.
• Brian asked whether we should purchase an ABC rated fire extinguisher to install in or near the pool pump
room, board members agreed we need one inside the mechanical room. Connie will purchase an extinguisher.
The decision was made not to hang it until the room has been better organized. It was noted that we have some
other items to hang and some additional purchases to make. It was further noted that we should wait before
hanging and organizing the room until the end of the season when we know how the pool furniture must fit into
the space.
• Brian suggested a first responder’s box be installed. MillTel mentioned installing a first responder’s box to
allow for first responders to access in case of an emergency. A realtor box might be another option (which
works for contractors but isn’t practical for emergency responders). We might have to consider a badge access
for the mechanical room. This is not a high priority issue right now, so we can table it until the spring. It is a
good idea, but we need to investigate the costs and options of covering both emergency and contractor needs.
• Pool gate alarm will not be installed until the sport court gate system is installed and on-line.
• Brian requested information from the Personal Touch and Green Meadows meeting in August. This meeting
was for training purposes. HOAMS will send a copy of notes from that meeting to the Board.
• It appears that all but one camera is recording in 1080p resolution as required in our contract. HOAMS will
follow up.
• HOAMS will get bids for cleaning bathrooms but needed more direction for seeking bids. The cheapest option
is Molly Maids at $40/hour, but they have also looked at Margret McHenry, Wichita Cleaning Services. Board
discussed doing weekly service through the winter and perhaps bi-weekly during fall and spring seasons. In the
bathrooms we would like the floor mopped, cleaning mirrors, sinks, toilets, baby changing stations, any cobwebs
removed, and filling soap and paper towels. We also need the Breezeway maintained and trash to be removed
from the pool and taken to the dumpster. We would look at semi-weekly during peak summer seasons and
weekly through cold months. Possibility of managing the trash in multiple locations. Can do Monday/Thursday
or also Tuesday/Friday.
• HOAMS needs to locate old/obtain new keys for the soap and paper towels as they have gone missing. It was
noted that we need a key location inside the pump room. Connie will look for a little metal key box.
• Epoxy floor coating in bathrooms is scheduled for the week of October 22.
• Discussion on pool and commons signs has been tabled.
• Board requested information from J. Russell regarding property updates. According to his last update Russell
noted he ought to have a site plan/Platt by now. Board noted concerns from residents that a sidewalk would be
installed through their back yards. It was noted that the realtor told everyone that the farmer had no plans to
sell and thus there is an expectation from these homeowners that they were getting privacy with their homes.
They are adamant that a sidewalk would violate the privacy expectation. HOAMS will try to get J. Russell to our
next meeting to provide plan updates for the annual meeting.
• Brian brought up costs for Lee Media group, our web developer, which to date is $3,034. $1,020 service
contract ($80 per month, minimum, regardless of usage). Additionally, it appears we don’t own our domain
name, This is a concern if we want to change our provider as they could charge us a lot
to transfer the domain. The service contract comes due in October and we ought to reevaluate at that point.
• We paid Microsoft for an annual license for Microsoft Office which was automatically renewed. Brian noted
there are open source software offerings that provide equivalent features without the cost. HOAMS will look
into canceling this renewal and passing along the HOA laptop to Danielle for use at meetings.
• Annual meeting to be held October 29th, November meeting will be held November 12th with no plans to
have a meeting in December as of now.
Adjournment: 8:42pm
*Next Board Meeting will be held on Monday, October 22nd @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church