May Special Session Meeting

Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Tyler, Ashley, and Jeremy


Call Meeting to Order: 6:05pm

 Approval of April Board Minutes:  Jeremy motioned to approve the April Minutes, Ashley seconded. Motion passed 7-0.

 Resident Open Forum:

  • None

Priority Business:

  • Brian moved to amend agenda to include discussion of irrigation issue in commons area; Ashley seconds, motion approved 7-0. Brian discussed irrigation problems along Zone 4 which needs to be addressed in the commons project.  Brian recommends running a new main line which will come out of the $20,000 landscaping budget (not Get ‘Er Done budget).  Fix zone 4 by splitting two previously combined zones which is causing poor water pressure and creating turf issues.  Brian motioned to fix these two issues using the Commons Landscaping budget, Ashley seconds; motion passes 7-0.
  • Pool Fix Options: Project POC reported that three issues led to the improperly poured pool. The architect was provided a drawing from the Board.  The architect created a pool drawing which varied from the water level requested, and the water level changes weren’t noted on the drawings.  The HOA Board had not requested water level changes from the original design and weren’t made aware of the change.  The architect didn’t label any of the planes they created in their drawing.  The architect will maintain responsibility for mistake and subsequently absorb the cost of fixing the pool.  The water depth is now insignificant in the kiddie pool area and 2″ short in the deep end.  The problem is being addressed but the project timeline is drastically delayed.  It is noted that the new official open date is July 2, 2018.
  • Option One: demo the whole pool. There is a major legal risk in doing this because the architect could come back and deny responsibility sending the whole project into a legal fight.
  • Option Two: raising the deck around the pool to raise the height of the pool. This would create an above-ground look to our pool, complicates current drainage fixes, as well as create a liability in adding joints which might later lend to cracking and leaking.
  • Option Three: fix the kiddie pool which presents the largest usability issue. It only allows for up to a maximum of eight inches of water at it’s deepest height.  This is the best option at this time.  The kiddie pool will be carefully cut out using a diamond blade to create an even cut (along the steps into the deep end of the pool).  The pool builder will then re-pour a new kiddie pool per our agreed upon design.  We have been given several options to consider in moving forward on this new design:
  • Option A: is to revert back to the original intention of the zero entry design which presents a 1″ drop to a 12″ run (slope) ratio. In this option we would lose usable area (in comparison to other designs) and there are significant changes in water depth as water levels change frequently.
  • Option B: has a small step down into the kiddie pool, beginning with a 4.5″ water depth sloping at a 1″ drop to a 24″run ratio, leading to a maximum of 18″ water depth.
  • Option C: Has one step into the kiddie pool with a near constant 18″ water depth throughout. Question regarding whether the step could run the length of the kiddie pool allowing for baby and toddler play space.  It is an option we could present to the architect for design but there are concerns as to cost and timeline if making changes at this point.
  • Most interest was expressed towards options B and C. Discussion amongst residents regarding pros and cons of the usability in these two options.  An informal survey of residents’ preferences indicated interest in Option B.  Jeremy motions to approve option B, Tyler seconds; motion passes 7-0.
  • Design Options were presented regarding shape of the kiddie pool:
  • Option 1: squared kiddie area which transitions into the rounded shape of the deep end.
  • Option 2: mostly squared kiddie area with rounded corners which transitions into deep end.
  • Option 3: rounded kiddie area which mirrors the rounded deep end area.
  • Discussion showed no interest in option 1. Residents informally chose option 2 as the preferred pool shape due to most usable space.  Ashley motioned to approve option 2 for the kiddie area shape, Jeremy seconded; motion passes 7-0.
  • Hand rails were discussed as an option to add to the steps into the pool at a cost of $1,200 (into the deep end). Residents were concerned that the kids play on them and break them.  Now is the time to put them in if we need them.  No estimate for the new build at this time.  No need to vote on it at this time.
  • Pool chairs and loungers have been researched. There are three primary types to consider.
  • Option One: Plastic Resin (same as the YMCA loungers) most reasonably priced option, 3 year warranty, good to fair reviews, great entry to mid-level commercial grade option.
  • Option Two: Mesh Sling with Plastic Resin found at many resorts. Good reviews, 2 year warranty, frames tend to be sturdy and replacement slings sold, commercial and resort graded, high grade option.
  • Option Three: Vinyl Strap is considerably more expensive, but has a great warranty. Consensus that this is the least desired option.
  • Board member recommended proceeding with a mix of option one and option two in order to see which type is the best for our needs (approximately 12 of each in loungers, and 12 of one chairs). Danielle to research both options further to find cheapest company.  Will present at May Board meeting to finalize approval before ordering.
  • No updates regarding the legal advancement of the covenant changes. Secretary will check with HOAMS to determine if May 23rd Membership meeting will be rescheduled.
  • Resident asked about replacing the sand in the playground. It was noted that we will use an engineered wood mulch.  Rubber mulch is being reviewed for respiratory and cancer concerns so the Board doesn’t want to consider that option.  The playground equipment will be here in May but it is not clear as to when the playground will officially open; estimated sometime toward the end of May.  Resident asked about the drainage plan where the court is to be poured.  The Board clarified that this area has been designed by a civil engineer to eliminate drainage issues.  Board talked about the change in covenant wording to remove requirement of non-lake lots to have wrought iron fencing.  Some of the lots throughout the neighborhood have a wrought iron requirement and the Board is looking to reverse that designation.  Only true lake lots would have the wrought iron requirement.
  • Vinyl garage sale signs need to be replaced. Board sought three bids, two companies quoted $75 per sign and the third company quoted $37.50 per sign.  Ashley motions to purchase 3 vinyl signs at $37.50 each; Danielle seconds; motion passes 7-0.

Adjournment: 7:33pm

*Pending Membership meeting scheduled for May 23rd @6:00pm; currently tentative based on whether mailed notifications can be sent to residents with enough advanced notice.

**Next Board Meeting will be held on May 23rd @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).