Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, March 26, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Brian, Tyler, Jeremy, and Ashley

DRC: Joe, Ryan, Shelly

LC: Joe, Brian


 Call Meeting to Order: 6:32pm

Approval of February Board Minutes:  Jeremy motioned to approve the February Minutes, Brian seconded. Motion passed 7-0.

Resident Open Forum:

  • Resident expressed concern that his fence request was denied by the DRC as per covenant rules.  Resident noted that other property fences are out of compliance with covenant rules.  There is concern that these are inconsistencies.  Board noted that the issue was being reviewed and would have a formal response to the situation in approximately two to three months.
  • Resident polled community members and provided general feedback that getting a pool heater was more important to the commons development, even if it forces us to cut other items out of our budget.  Board confirmed that we are installing a gas pool heater.

Priority Business:

  • Planning for Commons Project

o        Commons Project Decision Making: Next on Studium’s Timeline?  What do we need to decide now?

Determine:              1. R = More research required

  1. V = Vote to Approve Details
  2. Should it be part of Studium’s Scope or Boards? (ex: lounge chairs/signs)
  3. SA = Create Action Item for Studium
  4. BA = Create Action Item for Board
  5. T = Tabled per schedule

Pool Demolition and New Construction   

o        Gas OR Electric Heater on Pool? Gas heater to be installed per Board decision

o        Shade R – Studium noted shade is a good idea but there is a concern about where to put the shade.  Is shade needed primarily for babies in the morning or kids in the afternoon?  Studium recommends waiting a season or more to identify needs.

o        Lighting: R – Must have lights in pool and “X” number of lights on decking around, can we light from a pole above the pool? ($1,200 per light @ 8 lights).  What time do we want to turn off pool lights? 10:00pm.  Do we want to limit hours to save money?  One local HOA sets their hours from sun-up to sun-down.  If we keep the pool open past dark we would be required extra lighting per code.  Do we want to consider earlier pool hours?  It would be nice to have separate security lighting.  Studium is investigating variances to codes.  Board will consider hours for pool.

o        Fencing Material and Height- No discussion.  Would likely remain same.

o        Loungers/Chairs – Connie and Danielle to obtain bids for 24 loungers and 12 chairs.

o        Pool Cover – Provided in the pool contract.

 Pool House

o        Storage: hoses, wreaths, signs, pool cover, etc? – Plenty of storage for current needs.  Will need to buy shelving and/or hooks to store items.

o        Accessible Restrooms: Handicap access? – Run of the mill hardware/fixtures – General grade.  Brian to check on handicap accessible sink requirements (if we need a pedal at floorboard to start sink).

o        Dedicated Space for Security System- Dedicated space for electronics.

o        Looked into lighting vs. closing the pool from dusk to dawn.  We still don’t know the requirements for the lighting codes so we will wait to hear requirements.

o        Utilities – Studium will have the utilities run into the floor so we won’t have a bunch of boxes on the outside.  Would we prefer to use Cox or AT&T?  Board decided to use Cox for internet.

o        Grand Opening Party: Budget, committee, deco, etc. – No discussion

o        Board decided to us composite shingles.

Sport Court

o        Slab type: Painted, Concrete with Synthetic overlay, Cushioned, interlocking tiles – Tyler to confirm pricing but no decision made on type.

o        Backboard Type:  Acrylic

o        Sport Court: Will accommodate for Basket/Tennis/Pickleball

o        Fence: Chainlink (galvanized /vinyl coated), Height (avg 10′) – Ten foot is standard for tennis.  Fence as bidded no is 8′ and costs $16,500 – it is $3,200 more for the ten foot.  Board agreed 10′ is important.

o        Will have prox card lock access.  We can always change infrastructure later based on feedback.

o        Lighting – Should have lights on timer and push button like Pavilion.  Lights off at 9:00pm.


o        Placement (Consulting E7) – On opposite corners of sport court.  Will continue to review.

o        Bids from Protection One (Andy Stallard) and Cox ($55/month for 5-8 cameras, can lease or buy cameras)

o        Jennifer to put together a statement of work to give a basis for seeking bids.  Potentially we would need: 2 on the court, 2 on the playground, and 4 on the pool.

Gate Access Systems

o        Placement: Exterior bathroom gate and on pool gate so that access can be locked (also future needs can be accommodated should Board decide later to change), Sport Court – Board says YES

o        System Types – HOAMS is collecting bids and costs for Board review

o        Number of Cards issued per household – Question about type and number.  Discussion on two maximum keys and any violations would be sanctioned.  Damage and violations tracked via cameras and gate access system.  Board agrees that each household may have a maximum of two keys.  Can give residents the option of key card or key fob with an appropriate deposit to compensate for cost.  Residents would pay deposit on any number of keys.


o        Internet – Board to move forward with Cox installation


o        Asphalt shingle roofing

o        Lighting and Power: Lighting set up with a push button which also has a timer for shut-off beyond specific hours.  Four outlets – do we need four outlets? Cost won’t change much by reducing number of outlets.  No lighting after 9:00pm.

o        Number of tables – Agree on four tables – we can table the purchase of additional tables for future


o        Type of Equipment – Mentioned we should consider one co-swing addition to our playground.  Store Swing set, baby playground, and wall.  Ashley to remove airplane.  Digger and Spinner will be trashed.

o        Type of ground cover – No discussion, likely engineered wood mulch.

Parking Lot

o        Number of spaces – No discussion

o        Reduction of spaces required – No discussion

o        Old Basketball Goal Removal – To be removed.


o        Tree Removal for Commons – Board agrees to removing all Hedge trees in Commons.

o        Dirt Work/Drainage – Currently underway – No discussion

o        Irrigation – Board verified that drainage was per civil engineering and would be guaranteed to drain properly.

o        Sidewalks: layout, remove sharp corners, to surround playground.

o        Bike Racks: How many and Placement – Two bike racks, one central to the sport court gate and one elongated pad poured at proposed site for rack and to include parking for strollers.

o        Landscaping Design: Especially in relation to privacy for pool and sport court – No discussion

  • Trash receptacles location & # (PL, Pavilion) – Jennifer to get bids on new trash service. Tyler to talk to Studium about bidding pad and trash blinds.  Want two trash blinds, Jennifer to figure out locations and bid contracts.  Interest expressed in doing a painted blind.

o        New Signs location, #, posts get removed? – No discussion – can be tabled for later discussion

Removal of Old Equipment

o        What do we need to salvage? – Benches and picnic tables.

o        Playground Equipment (Sell/reuse) – No intent to sell due to liability.  Board member to remove (if possible) airplane, spinner, and diggers.  Will salvage (if possible) swings, baby playground, climbing wall, and benches.  Also to sell (if possible) black plastic playground border pieces.  Jennifer to consult with other HOA as a potential buyer.

  • Bids for sidewalk and ditch clean out on South end of small pond Waiting on bids for E&J Concrete and B&B.  Received bids on Calvin Opps and Darl Christener, Concrete Contractor.
  • Tyler called a Special Session meeting on Monday, April 9th at 5:30 to address playground equipment.
  • Would like to meet closer to the neighborhood vs. at the new HOAMS location. Board members feel it is a long distance for Board members and neighbors to drive.  Ashley volunteered to look into the option of meeting at the nearby church

DRC: No discussion.

 Landscape Committee: Countryside offers a 10% discount and Brady offers a 20% discount for 2″ trees.

Adjournment: 8:32pm

**Next Meeting will be held on April 23rd @ 6:30pm.  Meeting will be held at TBD.