Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Jeremy, Tyler, and Brian


 Call Meeting to Order: 6:30pm

 Approval of May Minutes: Brian moved to approve the May Minutes, Jeremy seconded, motion passed 6-0.

 Open Floor (2 Minutes Per Resident):  Resident asked if Commercial vehicles are allowed to park on the streets.  HOAMS noted that the covenants don’t include City streets because they are not owned by the neighborhood.  Board member noted that City Ordinances state that parking commercial vehicles is prohibited on City streets.  Residents are able to contact our community policing agent, Officer Perkins.  Resident noted the speeders coming into the entrance and discussed fears of children playing in the street.

DRC: Board member asked for an amended map reflecting the amendment changes to the Covenants per our June Special Membership meeting.  HOAMS will have to check with the attorney to see if the Board can make the changes to the original Plat map and file with the official Covenants.  Board member expressed desire to follow up at the next Special Membership meeting to make the map official and  file with the Covenants in the official City Docket.  This updated map would help future Board members to easily understand the changes.

Landscaping: Small pond irrigation line was recently tied into the main line.

 Priority Business: 

  • Commons Update: Studium is not promising that the commons will be completed by July 2nd.  They are still working toward completion as soon as possible.  Playground should be put in on Thursday.  The playground installer had previously delayed the install due to a utilities locate showing previously undiscovered utilities.  Studium replaced the damaged swing set posts.  The pool deck was set up and is supposed to be poured this week.  Drywall to be installed today.  Pump install, grout and tile of pool, fence guys will be going in next week.  Pavilion roof to be installed this week.  Sport court will be done last in order to prevent any trucks from hauling over and breaking the surface.  Sidewalks will be installed after playground is installed.
  • Expectation is that the Court and Parking Lot will be done after Fourth of July. Board member noted the lack of active workers every day of the week.  POC recognizes that the schedule is not being met and has been addressed with Studium on a consistent basis.
  • Tyler will make sure the old basketball post gets removed.
  • Board asked about the grading of the pool height vs. the pavilion height and noted it was considerable. POC assured that Studium has been actively ensuring the grading is proper according to the Civil Engineers plan.
  • Board asked if Studium filed the newest pool plan revisions with the City, Tyler to follow up with Studium regarding City’s expectation of having latest plans filed on record. Board members speculate that the Commons project completion date will be pushed back again.
  • Security Cameras and Card Systems:  POC clarified that we are required to have a second “emergency exit” gate at the pool based on anticipated maximum occupancy.  We are able to set up the second gate with an alarm in the case residents prop open the emergency gate.  HOAMS received three bids for gate card systems

1. Protection One $6,097 plus $69.38/month.

2.  MillTel is $4,718.70 and required internet.

3.  CH Connections is $3,716.00.

MillTel is a regional company and can work with our current key card system (however we will still have to do a key card audit of all resident’s keys).  MillTell’s systems will allow for an alarm on the second gate to deter people from propping and opening the emergency gate; CH Connections cannot provide an alarm.  MillTel’s system allows for remote access of the video feed.  The biggest reason MillTel’s Camera bid is low is that they recommended only five cameras based on the viewable area for their cameras.  MillTel has worked with several other area HOAs and has an excellent reputation.

Security Camera Bids:

  1. Protection 1 $4,731.39 with a $24.71 monthly fee, plus the cost of an internet connection
  2. MillTel $2,102.38 with no monthly fee, plus the cost of an internet connection
  3. Cox $4,252 with a $64.98 fee which includes monthly internet costs
  4. CH Connections $4, 460 with no monthly fee, plus the cost of an internet connection

Questions arose as to the pricing Cox provided in the newest bid, camera prices jumped from $399 per camera to $550 per camera which also jumped the bid from roughly $2,800 to $4,252.  Board recommended against Protection One based on price.  When comparing overall bids MillTel is able to provide both Gate and Camera systems, reuse some of our old equipment, and has the most competitive bid.  Connie moved to use MillTel on Gates and Cameras and Cox for our internet, Tyler seconded, motion passed 6-0.

  • Clarification on second “Emergency Exit” gate at the pool.  It needs to be alarmed to deter residents from propping and exiting through the gate.  Board member noted that it wouldn’t work to use a crash bar on the gate because any person or child could reach through the gate to push the crash bar and release the gate.  The alarm would sound, but if it were a child there is an inherent danger associated with access into the pool.  HOAMS will follow up with MillTel to determine a safe and suitable solution.
  • Basketball court current design has two gates.  HOAMS will need to determine cost of adding an additional magnetic strip and lock for that second bid.  HOAMS will provide cost and options to Board to make decisions on the gate needs.
  • Sidewalks Drainage Bids: The drainage needs to be cleared out and rip rapped to help with flow.  We need to add the culvert on the other side of the of the street to the bid sheet and re-seek the bids.  We anticipate needing 15′ of cleanout and at least two feet of rip rap.  The original bid for the North side cleanout and rip rap is $7,000 to $10,000 depending on material used.  Board wishes to make the decision on the culvert at the July meeting; HOAMS will seek final bids.
  • July Board Meeting rescheduled for Tuesday, July 31st at 6:30pm

 Adjournment: 8:28pm

 *Next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 31st @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).