June Special Membership Meeting

Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Jeremy, Tyler, and Brian



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:10pm

 New Business: Proposed Amendment as stated in mailer to residents.

 Open Floor (2 Minutes Per Resident):  President opened the floor to residents.  Any questions on the     amendment?  No questions from residents.  President announces a move to vote.

 Vote:  Residents submitted ballots and proxy votes

 Vote Count: HOAMS counted votes.

 Vote Results: 14 “Yes” votes, Zero “No” votes, One Abstention

 Adjournment: 6:17pm

 *Board Meeting will follow on June 19th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).  July Board meeting to be held on Tuesday, July 31st at 6:30.