Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Jeremy, Tyler, and Brian


Call Meeting to Order: 6:00pm

Approval of June Minutes: Jeremy moved to approve the June Special Session Minutes Kip Seconds, motion passes 6-0.  Kip moved to approve the June Board Meeting Minutes, Jeremy seconded, motion passed 6-0.

Resident Open Forum:  Drainage issue concern with residents’ back yards not draining properly.  Resident asked CMC who said they have no responsibility for the grading.  Board had discussed at a previous meeting and it was determined it is the responsibility of the builder to properly grade the property.  Danielle will inform resident of the need to follow up with CMC again.

DRC:  Home installed dog run with artificial grass without submitting a DRC form.  Dog runs are supposed to be screened from neighbors view and artificial turf is not allowed.  Same resident installed a basketball goal without permission and that has also been denied due to poor placement.  Residents are asked to bring dog run into compliance and move the goal to the opposite side of the driveway.  Another homeowner has requested an addition of an in-ground pool.  It appears it is encroaching the drainage easement, so more information and discussion is needed before decision can be made.  Another resident has a pad in their back yard, from a previous owner, which is set on top of a drainage easement.  Board isn’t comfortable with allowing a new structure.  Board asks that an official Wichita Site Permit be submitted to DRC to show that the City will endorse the plan before final decision can be made.

J.Russell:  Russell shared his vision of the new neighborhood, to include trees, commons with pool and playground, as well as retention ponds.  Russell asked whether complaints come in regarding placement of sidewalks along hedge row or tree lines.  None mentioned.  Plan is to grade all the way around the perimeter of the new property and plant trees so that there will be a nice landscaped perimeter around the property line.  A second location for a pool and playground will be added in the middle of the new development.  Russell is planning a cut through on the back side of current subdivision with a street as well as a sidewalk so that residents would be able to travel from current subdivision development over to the new commons area.  Construction of homes will begin on the west property line (nearest 119th).  Roughly 125-150 new homes on the newest addition.  Russell believes three ponds will be developed and an addition of a monument like what is currently on Maize road.  Russell will install the playground and pool but it is financed through the HOA dues.  Russell will allow Board to designate when that commons area is developed based on readiness to finance.  Irrigation for entry area and trees would be irrigated by Russell however irrigation and landscaping in new commons is again on HOA.  CMC is selling around 20-25 homes per year and it would easily be 3-5 years before the new pool is added; again noted that it is up to the HOA to let Russell know when ready to take on a second loan for the new commons development.  Timeline: closed on the property a week ago.  Design, Platt, Grade, outer ring of Trees, then wait until CMC is able to finish current subdivision (100%).  Russell agrees it would be okay for Board to review the “Schulte” Platt map (newest addition of Southern Ridge Property) before filing with the City in order provide feedback.  Sidewalk to be added from small pond to Lark, and then picked up again on the other side of Lark and continuing on the West side of the drainage ditch in the current undeveloped lots of current subdivision.  Russell will do minor repair and rip rap to assist with drainage and erosion issues on South side of Lark drainage ditch.  Russell recommended we consider “ditch” checks (a row of rocks to slow down the water).  Russell reiterated that he would only put minimal amount of rip rap immediately adjacent to the drainage ditch.  HOA will still be responsible for fixing our “bridge” under the sidewalk south of the small pond.  Board member brought up the giant transformers and a major drainage inlet at the front curbside of two empty lots at the end of Lark Court.  Russell explained he was unaware but would be able to relocate those utilities in order to sell those lots.

Landscaping: Busy with trimming of hedge tree overgrowth, managed weed clump in commons construction area, there is a drainage issue on Pawnee but no options for fixing. Running short of money and may end up running over budget due to some commons projects.

Priority Business: 

  • Commons Update:
  • MillTel is working with Board POC to troubleshoot between Cox and MillTel modem/router/IP issues.
  • Playground is mulched and kids are now out playing. Questions arose regarding playground slide and missing support beams.  One was installed but one more need to be installed.  It is safe for kids to play on. Question to the Board as to whether we wanted to order new swings for the large swing structure.  Board noted a preference for reusing the baby seats and trapeze bar for the toddler play station and possibly looking to order new options for next season.  Tyler will send product information to Connie and she will order the swings using the corporate card.
  • Pavilion has been inspected and signed-off.
  • Pool gate times. During pool hours residents only have to swipe into the first gate (West Breezeway) but not second gate (East Breezeway).  West Breezeway and East Gates open from 6:00am until 10:00pm during pool season only.  East Breezeway gate would be unlocked from 6:00am until 10:00pm and not accessible any other times, locked 24/7 during off season.  Sport Court Gates are accessible from 8:00am until 9:00pm year round.
  • Green Meadows is currently cleaning the pool until it officially opens. Bids for new vendors were submitted from Aquasizers ($50/day), Green Meadows ($55/day no weekend bathroom cleaning), and Personal Touch ($50/day).  All include standard chemicals and bathroom cleaning.  None of the bids include off-season bathroom cleaning and noted we should use a maid company to clean the bathrooms off-season.  Brian moves to use Personal Touch for pool cleaning moving forward, Kip seconds, motion passes 6-0.
  • Pool has been inspected and signed off, however pool house is waiting on water heater install. Plumbing inspection to be completed tomorrow.  Electrical inspection has passed.  Mechanical inspector came to inspect exhaust fans and noted that the pool heater wasn’t on the plan.  Studium has since requested and received the proper permits.  Exhaust will be installed by Thursday and Inspection will return for the mechanical this week.  With a completed mechanical inspection, the pool and pool house would be ready to open.  Epoxy floor wasn’t installed and is now slated for later this fall.
  • Treasurer clarified with insurance that we can open the pool with our existing policy. The American Family (current policy) underwriter came out this week to take pictures and sent off the information for underwriting this week.  Treasurer believes the premium is so cheap because they base their estimation on number of homes and their numbers are very old.  Treasurer is waiting on the agent to move forward with their updated policy before ensuring the coverage  reflects current numbers and new equipment.
  • Clearing out the storage pod needs to be done this week. Board will help on Thursday  at 5:00pm or as available to clear out the storage pod and set up the pool furniture.
  • Sport Court work will begin this week with the staking of the corners and pulling lines for future power. Board member POC will meet to determine final details of that phase of the project.
  • Board discussed the homeowner inquiry regarding selling the commons corner lot on Pawnee/Lark. Board reached a consensus that it is not in the community’s best interest to sell that property to the homeowner.
  • Homeowner arrived to discuss his concern with a trailer. Homeowner stated he called HOAMS and asked about keeping a trailer in his driveway; he said he was told he could park his trailer in his driveway on a temporary and infrequent basis.  HOAMS stated this is acceptable if resident does not have the trailer there a majority of the time and let HOA know the situation and have the Board’s approval.  Board discussed options with resident but is unable to make an exception for the resident because it would create an issue with consistent enforcement.

Adjournment: 8:41pm

*Next Board Meeting will be held on Monday, August 27th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).