Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Location: Reliance Community Church – 11910 W Pawnee, Wichita KS 67215
Meeting Date: Monday, January 22, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:00 pm
Meeting Minutes Recorded By: Danielle Basile
Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Danielle, Brian, Ashley
DRC: Joe, Ryan


Call Meeting to Order: 6:32pm
* Residents in attendance: Three residents in attendance

Approval of November Board Minutes: Jeremy motioned to approve minutes, Kip seconded. Motion approved 7-0.

Resident Open Forum: Resident is concerned about continued safety of commons areas as builders continue to pile up dirt along the sidewalk around South pond. Secretary will touch base with the builder to request silt fence be installed per code. HOAMS can research the option of fines and liens on builder and developer. Resident brought up acid wash of monuments at the entrance – they appear to not be cleaned. Work has been inspected. Suggested that we refill Doggy Bag Stations with bio-degradable bags.

Executive Session: Danielle motioned to continue with judgment for collections on account 31948, Tyler seconds; motion passes 7-0. Danielle motioned to uphold late charges and all fees for account 38605, Kip seconds; motion passes 7-0.

DRC: No Business

  • Landscape Committee:
    • Review bids for 2018 landscaping in reviewing bids and considering their bids as compared to the 2018 SOW. Two bids are comparable and reasonable. Danielle motioned to move forward with Country Side Lawn and Tree Care as the landscape provider for the 2018 contract, Tyler seconds; motion passes 7-0. HOAMS will contact Country Side Lawn to proceed with contract.

    Priority Business:
    • Need to assign or obtain bids for drainage. The culvert under the street needs to be cleaned out before we would move forward with the   culvert cleanout. Tyler will work on the statement of work for the culvert under the sidewalk to include coordinating sidewalk bids with HOAMS. HOAMS will work on the under-street culvert cleanout with the City as well as a SOW and bids for rip rap/culvert cleanout. Goal for bids is 3-5 bids by February meeting.
    • Planning for Commons Project
    o Project Planning: Review of updated commons area layout and budget. No timeline available.
    o Brian Motions to move forward with a free-form pool, Danielle seconds; motion passes 7-0. Ashley motions to locate pool house central to the commons amenities (closest to the kiddie pool), Jeremy seconds; motion passes 7-0. Kip motions to keep the sport court as located and sized on the current plan with fencing and lighting, Brian seconds; motion passes 7-0. Noted to get quotes on fencing and lighting in order to make decisions. Jeremy motions to accept the current position of the pavilion (size pending quotes), Ashley seconds; motion passes 7-0. Danielle motions to maintain current size and location of the North parking lot, Kip seconds; motion passes 7-0. Tyler motions to accept the size and placement of the playground, Jeremy seconds; motion passes 7-0. F
    o Future concerns: Bike Racks, Fencing and Lighting for Sport Court, Size of Pavilion, Sidewalk layout, shade option for pool, landscaping design (and especially related to pool/sport court privacy), key card access for pool and basketball goal (gated bathroom access)
    o Budget Concerns: drainage plan to address drainage issues, irrigation included?, Key card system, shade at pool,
    o Loan – payments will be made per minimum required payment.
    o Special Session meeting to ensure follow-up on project concerns on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30 at HOAMS building. POC to request the following deliverables from Studium by February 2nd: schedule that is reasonable and meets timeline showing completion by May 1st, updated budget estimate-with details on what is included in the numbers, drawings completed (for a “bid set”), three bids on pool. Must deliver a completed phase-two contract immediately.
    o Basketball goal would not be replaced until the new sport court is installed.
    • Communication with residents is tabled.

Adjournment: 8:48pm

**Next Meeting will be a Special Session Meeting on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30pm at the HOA Management – 900 N. Tyler Suite 7; Wichita KS
**Next Meeting will be held on February 26th @ 6:30pm. Meeting will be held at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.