Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, February 26, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle Brian, Tyler, Jeremy, and Ashley

DRC: Joe, Ryan, Shelly

LC: Joe, Brian



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:35pm

 Approval of February Board Minutes:  Connie asked for Special Session Minutes to be amended to include that “multiple Board members made mention that there are significant budget issues with regard to the Studium budget proposal, Tony with Studium showed no concern over the proposed budget. The Board has 341 homeowners and we have a due diligence to ask the financial questions.” Jeremy motions to approve the February Special Session minutes as amended. Brian seconded. Motion approves 5-0, two abstentions.

 Resident Open Forum:

  • Resident expressed that Tony stated any concerns that the Board had regarding Studium’s budget and work produced were not warranted.
  • Resident noted belief that there is no incentive to keep budget down.  Also heard Board members express that they didn’t have concern over the budget.  We must show concern over the project with Studium because there is no evidence that we will have money.
  • Resident asked about Sport Court budget and how we would scale back.  Board clarified that the size will not be changed but the surface could be altered to accommodate for lower budget.
  • Board member noted that Landscape budget was originally $10,000 and we upped it to $20,000.
  • Board member stated it is in Studium’s interest to stay at or within our $425,000 regardless.
  • HOAMS announced that the HOAMS building will be relocated to Douglas and 135.  We may have need to find a new location for the April meeting.


  • Couple of paint requests


  • Brief discussion of an upcoming new lot request and how it would be handled.  Realtor will bring to Board.
  • Soil Sampling to provide to Countryside for developing a fertilization schedule.  Samples will take three weeks.  Ashley moves to approve the $95 cost toward the general Landscaping Budget, Jeremy seconds, motion approves 7-0.
  • Clarified that the $4,000 Get-Er’-Done budget was a continual/annual budget for the Landscaping Committee.
  • Is overseeding in the plans to accomplish again?  At this point no, but that is subject to need.  We will have to broadcast rye seed over the Commons project area but that will have to be after the sprinkler system has already been installed.

Priority Business:

  • Builder/Developer non-compliance process – It is noted that the best course of action may be to work more closely with the Developer and/or the Realtor in order to get items done and reevaluate at a later date.
  • Bids for sidewalk and ditch clean out on South end of small pond – HOAMS is waiting on one more bid to come through before presenting to the Board. Tyler just submitted his Statement of Work for the culvert and sidewalk over that to extend the sidewalk up to the street.  Joe discussed with the City of Wichita regarding a dirty City culvert.  They did one drive-by and said it wasn’t bad.  Joe intends to follow up and push it further with the City.
  • Planning for Commons Project

o        Loan – No information

o        Board proposed we require a Statement of Work for every bid sought.  POC asked Studium to help us better understand how the scope of the project fits into each of our requests.  We have a lot of things we need to provide back to Studium for each item on our project list so we will essentially be providing them with the details we will get when they are seeking the bids.  Do we request three bids on all big ticket items (pavillion, pool house, pool, sport sourt, playground, and parking lot)?  Secretary moves that Studium obtain three bids on pavillion, pool house, pool, sport court, playground, parking lot and that Studium would never be the sole bidder on any project detail; Ashley seconds; motion passes 6-1.  Board member asked to clarify whether the Board needs approve the bids or if Studium has the green light to move forward with the best overall bid.  It is Studium’s best interest to make the best decisions on our behalf.  Board member requested to have the opportunity to see those bids in order to review however the Board will not hold up the process if no major concerns arise.  Motion to have access to the bids as soon as they are accepted as completed by Studium but Studium would make the best decisions on our behalf, Jeremy seconds, motion passes 7-0.

o        Communication – All communication is passed from the POC to the Board via shared drive or e-mail.  Request to get weekly updates however it was noted that demanding a specific time frame for getting information can be time prohibitive for the POC for the Commons Areas.  As example, a concern was noted that information was provided that no work would be completed, so no communication was made with residents, however dirt-work was happening as of the day of the meeting.  Residents need to have information.  POC cannot make specific promises as to how quickly they can post information, but will do their best to keep communication lines open.  HOAMS representative offered to send out information on behalf of POC if POC wasn’t able to do so.  If there are specific questions which haven’t been offered, Board can send e-mail to POC for answers.  Board noted that POC has taken on a great deal of work and all work and communication are greatly appreciated.

o        Commons Project Decision Making: Next on Studium’s Timeline?  What do we need to decide now?

Determine:                1. R = More research required

  1. V = Vote to Approve Details
  2. Should it be part of Studium’s Scope or Boards? (ex: lounge chairs/signs)
  3. SA = Create Action Item for Studium
  4. BA = Create Action Item for Board
  5. T = Tabled per schedule

Pool Demolition and New Construction   

o        Gas OR Electric Heater on Pool? R/BA to get information from Studium, Green Meadows, and KS Gas.  Concerns about cost of installation and effectiveness. Need cost vs. effectiveness Information.

o        Shade R – Can a shade be installed in future?  Concern about location of shade.  Not in the budget and we don’t know best location for shade.  It’s a good idea but there is a concern about where to put the shade.  Is shade needed primarily for babies in the morning or kids in the afternoon?  Studium would need specs on type of shade/sail we want.

o        Lighting: R – Must have lights in pool and “X” number of lights on decking around, can we light from a pole above the pool? ($1,200 per light @ 8 lights).  What time do we want to turn off pool lights? 10:00pm.  Do we want to limit hours to save money?  One local HOA sets their hours from sun-up to sun-down.  If we keep the pool open past dark we would be required extra lighting per code.  Do we want to consider earlier pool hours?  It would be nice to have separate security lighting.  Studium is investigating variances to codes.  Board will consider hours for pool.

o        Fencing Material and Height- No discussion

o        Loungers/Chairs – No discussion

o        Pool Cover – No discussion

 Pool House

o        Storage: hoses, wreaths, signs, pool cover, etc? – No discussion

o        Accessible Restrooms: Handicap access? – No discussion

o        Dedicated Space for Security System- No discussion

o        Grand Opening Party: Budget, committee, deco, etc. – No discussion

 Sport Court

o        Slab type: Painted, Concrete with Synthetic overlay, Cushioned, interlocking tiles – No discussion

o        Backboard Types: Metal, Glass, Wood – No discussion

o        Sport Court: Basket/Tennis/Pickleball? – No discussion

o        Fence: Chainlink (galvanized /vinyl coated), Height (avg 10′) – Ten foot is standard for tennis.  Fence as bidded no is 8′ and costs $16,500 – it is $3,200 more for the ten foot.  Board agreed 10′ is important.

o        Lighting – Should have lights on timer and push button like Pavilion.  Lights off at 9:00pm.


o        Placement (Consulting E7) – On opposite corners of sport court.  Will continue to review.

o        Coverage Area – No discussion

 Gate Access Systems

o        Placement: Exterior bathroom gate (but not pool gate), Sport Court – Board says YES

o        System Types – HOAMS is collecting bids and costs for Board review

o        Number of Cards issued per household – Question about type and number.  Discussion on two maximum keys and any violations would be sanctioned.  Damage and violations tracked via cameras and gate access system.  Will address at a later time.  Residents would pay deposit on any number of keys.   (Discussion needs to continue.  No definitive decision reached).


o        Internet – No discussion

o        Internet Box – No discussion


o        Lighting and Power: Lighting set up with a push button which also has a timer for shut-off beyond specific hours.  Four outlets – do we need four outlets? Cost won’t change much by reducing number of outlets.  No lighting after 9:00pm.

o        Number of tables – No discussion


o        Type of Equipment – Mentioned we should consider one co-swing addition to our playground.  Board Member Ashley asked to help pick out equipment.

o        Type of ground cover – No discussion

 Parking Lot

o        Number of spaces – No discussion

o        Reduction of spaces required – No discussion

o        Trash Receptacle relocation – No discussion

o        Old Basketball Goal Removal – No discussion


o        Tree Removal for Commons – Board agrees to removing all Hedge trees in Commons.

o        Dirt Work/Drainage – Currently underway – No discussion

o        Irrigation – No discussion

o        Sidewalks: layout, remove sharp corners – No discussion

o        Bike Racks: How many and Placement – No discussion

o        Landscaping Design: Especially in relation to privacy for pool and sport court – No discussion

o        Trash receptacles location & # (PL, Pavilion) – No discussion

o        New Signs location, #, posts get removed? – No discussion

Removal of Old Equipment

o        What do we need to salvage? – No discussion

o        Playground Equipment (Sell/reuse) – No discussion


Adjournment: 8:47pm

**Next Meeting will be held on March 26th @ 6:30pm.  Meeting will be held at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.