Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Southern Ridge Commons Pavilion

Meeting Date: Saturday, August 18 , 2018 Meeting Time: 9:00 am

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Connie, Danielle, Brian, Tyler, Ashley, and Jeremy


Call Meeting to Order: 9:01am

Approval of April Board Minutes:  Tabled until August 27th meeting.  No handouts for review.

Resident Open Forum:

  • None

Priority Business:

  • Commons Updates
  • Sport Court: issue with poor workmanship and inability to read an engineering drawing has created severe pooling on the court surface. The proposed fixes are to 1. pour concrete on top of the existing slab or 2. pour sand on existing slab and pouring additional concrete to meet the required slope of slab .  The slope will require 8-10 inches additional to the North side and 2-6 inches on the South end of the slab.  Studium is working with a Civil Engineer to determine viability of the proposed fixes.  Board members stated the opinion that it is the best practice to tear out the slab and re-install properly.  There will be a guarantee of any work done and it will be signed off by the engineer and the sport court manufacturer.
  • Tyler arrives at 9:08am; Ashley arrives at 9:09am.
  • Studium was asked to get bids for two more timers. Resident brought concern that the commons area is pitch black and raises security concerns.  Lighting will be addressed either through landscaping or pool house lights.
  • Noted that there are camera details which need to be addressed. It doesn’t appear that the camera is 1080p as per the contract and the night vision function might not be working properly.  Board member suggested it could just be a matter of settings.  We need to follow up with MillTel to fine tune issues.
  • Lock on men’s room has not been addressed. Door closers haven’t been addressed.
  • Pool heater should be fixed and inspected Monday or Tuesday.
  • Question as to who is responsible for the damage to the toddler play set and what is the resolution for fixing or replacing. That discussion is taking place between Studium and the installer, who hit the play set with a Bobcat, as to who will pay for or fix the play set.
  • Board member stated that the playground climbing wall is set too high off the ground. POC noted more mulch is needed which will help with the gaps at the bottom.
  • A bar is missing on the big kid play set, POC followed up with playground company to get the equipment shipped to us and it will be installed when it arrives
  • Will change orders be sent through to the Board to approve? Yes, they will, sometime next week.
  • Benches will be installed at the time of final sidewalk pour.
  • The commons will get 5 total benches, but pay for 3 because construction crew damaged two. Board is staying with two picnic tables in the pavilion space with a potential to purchase two more in the future.
  • Landscaping
  • Landscape Committee member presented the initial landscaping design concept.
  • Bids came in from Studium, Horsch, Brady, Miller, Zogleman, Country Side, Green Meadows
  • Discussion regarding material options presented: limestone vs. pre-cast concrete blocks. Walls would fall as close as two feet off the property line, accounting for one foot of buffer, one foot of backfill, and a two foot wide block.  There are known drainage issues which will be addressed in this project.  Wall on west side of sport court might be approximately 24″ tall.  Wall on east side of sport court will be approximately 36″ tall.  Board members expressed concern regarding the overall cost of the landscaping project as well as the HOA’s savings and anticipated income.  Question posed as to a “middle of the road” option like a commercial grade retaining block, none were presented.  Jeremy motioned to use stamped concrete walls, allowing for limestone boulders and walls in the immediate vicinity of the main commons area, and not to exceed $15,000 for materials and labor on walls and limestone accents.  Motion carried with 4 votes in favor and 2 votes opposed.
  • Board discussed tree options with homeowners with a suggestion of a columnar oak or juniper tree. Board will take homeowner’s recommendations into consideration.  Feedback provided regarding placement of trees within commons; Landscaping POC asked that more specific feedback be submitted on a blank sheet for consideration.
  • Connie motioned to pour a four foot sidewalk as per original plan, and not to butt up against the retaining wall, Jeremy seconds. Motion tied 3 in favor and 3 against.  Kip was phoned as a tie-breaker and voted in favor of a 4ft sidewalk.  Motion carried with 4 votes cast in favor and 3 votes opposed.
  • Jeremy motions to approve the initial landscaping rendering with garden beds as drawn, Tyler seconds. Motion carried 6-0.

Adjournment: 11:25 am

* Next Board Meeting will be held on August 27th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).