Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, April 23, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Tyler, Ashley, and Jeremy



 Call Meeting to Order: 6:30pm

 Approval of April Special Session Minutes:  Jeremy motioned to approve the April Minutes, Kip seconded. Motion passed 6-0, one abstention.

 Resident Open Forum:

  • Resident inquired about their fence request/concerns.  HOAMS notified resident that Board voted to approve a change in fencing requirements.  HOAMS explained process for changing covenants and estimated timeline for a special membership meeting at which a vote would have to occur.


  • Opening on DRC Committee.  Secretary will post on FB, HOAMS will add to newsletter.

Priority Business:

  • Garage Sale dates set at June 14th, 15th, and 16th. Will post in Newsletter, FB, and Website.  Signs are worn out, need new signs.  Jeremy get one bid and HOAMS to check for two other bids.
  • HOAMS to put together a newsletter draft by May 4th.
  • HOAMS will send the current “new resident” letter. We will review to make sure it is more of a “welcome” letter and make necessary additions.
  • Reviewed bids for pool servicing. Companies will clean restrooms, pool, pool deck and analyze and treat pool water, check and clean equipment.  Still waiting on one bid; HOAMS will provide Board with a compilation of bids when available.
  • Project budget discussed. Board member expressed concern regarding the lack of timely budget information from Studium.  The budget update was provided via Studium tonight but Board needs more clarification regarding the bill/payout breakdown.  Board requested a breakdown of the costs accrued in order to approve bills.  Board member asked for clarification regarding updates for how money is allocated on this project.  POC noted that the budget hasn’t changed from it’s original form except that the landscaping budget was originally in the budget and has been removed.  Originally the budget was set at $420,000 spent via the loan.  We can expect the landscaping ($20,000), the pool heater and install ($6,000), pump truck ($1,000), pool chairs and loungers ($8-10,000), and additional playground equipment ($6,200).  These items will rise above and beyond the cost of the loan.  Total Project Budget $463,200.
  • Board isn’t receiving bids, POC to follow up with regards to finding the additional bids on the pool. Board needs to see the updated bids for the Sport Court, Pavilion, Pool House, Pool, Playground, Parking Lots (and noted that Studium would never be the sole bidder on any item).  Board member stated that the Board discussed needing two bids; three when available.  Studium can reach out for those three bids, but if they don’t get them back we can’t hold the project up trying to obtain more bids.  POC to upload all current bids to the Google Drive and e-mail Board to notify that bids are on the Drive.  Responsibility then falls on individual Board members to go out to look at the resources.
  • Timeline is now hinged on a problem with the pool. The pool wasn’t built to spec and POC asked construction manager to stop the project until the problem can be sorted out.  Studium didn’t put out a clear drawing, Green Meadows interpreted the drawings to the wrong line, and the Board didn’t have a clear and accurate final draft of the pool.  The deepest water depth in the kiddie pool/zero entry space is a maximum of 7″ vs. the 18″ depth request.  The deep part of the pool is 4’8″ which is short of the requested 5′ maximum depth.  Studium, Green Meadows and Board are currently working to determine the why the pool isn’t built to spec and determine valid solutions to present to the Board.  Several options have been kicked around but there are many factors to consider.  All of the factors under consideration will potentially affect the pool house, pool deck, and grading.  Board will meet separately to review proposed options.
  • Ashley motions to accept a possible solution as creating a 18″ deep water shelf as a possible pool fix/shelf and to make sure to recover the original two inches in the deep pool, Jeremy seconds. Motion passes 6-1. Member clarified this is a possible and acceptable solution but not the approved solution to the pool fix.
  • POC asked if anyone is interested in a hand rail. It wasn’t part of the design because it wasn’t necessary for a zero entry.  Considering a possibly pool redesign there may be a need.  It would cost $1,250 to add a hand rail.  It shouldn’t be required ADA because Studium didn’t put it in the original plan.  We don’t have to vote for it right now but it is an option.  The hand rail would give a point of reference for the pool steps.
  • Concern addressed by a Board Member regarding the pool shelf from shallow kiddie area to deep end. Board member identified this as a potential for danger for small children.  It was brought up that this was a common plan throughout the City and specifically the Northwest YMCA has a similar design.  Board identified that all pools inherently present potential for danger; the entire edge of the deep pool presents the same “drop-off” danger and is no different than the edge of the kiddie shelf.
  • Special Session Meeting set for Thursday, May 3rd at 6:00pm to discuss pool fix options.
  • The previous pool equipment is old and potentially has little life left. Jeremy motions to give the pool equipment to an interested party, Kip Seconds, motion passes 7-0.  The pool heater has little value and cannot be salvaged.  Tyler motions to sell the pool heater to Brian for $25, Kip seconds, motion passes 7-0.
  • Brian left meeting at 8:15.
  • No update on the covenant changes. The lawyer has it on his list, but hasn’t completed the amendment wording.  Board member requested that the complete covenants be posted on our Southern Ridge website and the HOAMS website.  A Board member asked why we didn’t add other covenant changes while we are in this process.  It was noted that most of the potential change items can be a change through the Design Review Committee.  The Secretary will forward the previous list to the Board.  It was noted only this issue was pursued because of the  time crunch of getting the changes made so construction could resume.
  • Question arose about the location of the playground border (sidewalk) being too close to the pool house, but it was clarified that the playground location and sidewalk border is planned to be ripped out and moved.
  • Playground renderings were presented as previously discussed (Natural Color Scheme and with a wobble bar replacing the rope webbing). Two options presented for shade: Option 1 is a large umbrella for $5,000 and Option 2 has two smaller umbrellas for $1,200.  Board asked for clarification on whether the playground equipment fits within the space available.  POC verified that the equipment all fits.  Board member visited this playground in Wichita and noted it is quite tall.  It was mentioned that the playground was designed for 5-12 (previously noted that we are also reusing the playground designed for toddlers).  Jeremy motions to purchase the Big Max playground with two hard covered shades; Ashley seconds, motion passes 5-1.
  • Our Sport Court supplier recommended we change the border color from white because of how dirty it would get. Many new color options were presented.  Jeremy motions Sport Court colors to be Royal Blue, Light Blue, and a Graphite border; Kip seconds, motion passes 6-0.  Confirmed we can get a telescoping tennis/volleyball net.

Adjournment: 8:45pm

**Next Meeting is a Special Session meeting held on May 3rd @ 6:00pm at the Southern Ridge Commons Construction Site.  May Board meeting on May 23rd at 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).