Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Tyler, and Brian


 Call Meeting to Order: 6:33pm

 Approval of May Minutes:  Kip motioned to approve the April Minutes, Brian seconded; motion passed 5-0.

Resident Open Forum: None

DRC: Nothing of note.

Landscaping Update: No new updates on Commons landscaping.  Brady will replace 4 dead trees from recent plantings, we will pay for to replant.  Noted that there is a dead tree on Maize between Yosemite and Greenfield, it could be removed and there is no need to replace considering potential Maize Rd expansion.

Priority Business:

  • Security Cameras:
  • Cox has the best bid at $54.99 for a three year contract and a $299 install fee. Can purchase ($299@720res OR $399@1080p) or lease cameras ($15/mo for 720 and $20/mo fir 1080p).
  • Protection One bid came in at $7,000 fee. Looking at 6-8 cameras.
  • Andy Stallard $1,880 for key card entry – not cameras. He should be able to provide a camera bid as well.
  • Cameras: owning vs. leasing brought up questions regarding damage of a leased camera.
  • Locations: Two for sport court, one or two towards the playground (one didn’t seem like enough in the past), one at playground towards gate, and two at the pool. Protection one mentioned pointing one in the breezeway of the pool.  Total for 7-8 cameras.  We’d be better to have the experts decide upon installation or site review.  Guessing we’d need  6-8 cameras.  Preference noted for 1080p cameras.
  • Question about a second “security” gate at the pool. Concerns as to residents propping the gate arose and mention made that alarming the gate would be a best case scenario.  Tyler to check with Studium to see if the second gate is a requirement or if it can be eliminated.  We will have to put a prox system on the gate for security
  • Request for a more official bid from all camera/security companies in order to compare apples to apples.
  • Special Membership meeting June 19 at 6:00pm with Board Meeting to Follow.
  • Review of pool chair and lounger pricing. Tyler motioned to purchase via Belson, Brian seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.  HOAMS will work with Danielle to schedule the order.
  • HOAMS will get pricing on a 18″x24″ sign for pool rules, no lifeguard, no trespassing, lake signs. Lake signs would be two posts, double sided, concrete collar at base of posts to prevent landscaper damage.  We should be able to reuse the first aid kit.  Tyler to check what equipment comes with new pool to see if they provide shepards hook and life ring.
  • Need to order signs now. We need a pool sign because the last one was out of date.  We can use old signage for opening lake and get bids for the next meeting.  We will need: “No Lifeguard”, “Trespassing”, and “Pool Rules”.  Custom make pool rules because the City’s requirement for swimming without supervision is 14 but all the off-the-shelf signs say 16.  Jennifer to pull the sign bids and resend to our group.
  • Playground equipment has been pushed back due to a scheduling conflict. It will happen a week later than planned.  Question arose as to whether contractors are planning to fix the damaged equipment.  Tyler to have the discussion with Studium.
  • There is a crack that needs to be stabilized on the south side of the shell. They will need to inject it to deal with the crack now.  There is no concern with the chipping damage from the bobcat, just surface damage.
  • Connie motions to install a railing from the pool decking into steps of the deeper pool section; Tyler seconds, motion passes 4-1. Tyler to get exact install specifications.
  • Pool Hours: Kid free 6:00-9:00am, Regular swim until 10:00pm. Extending pool opening through September will be decided at a later date (based on weather, attendance, etc.).  (Kids is defined as 14 and under/if needing adult supervision).  Sport court hours set from 9:00am to 9:00pm.
  • Garage sale signs are ordered, HOAMS to pick up.
  • Board member provided written documentation as to the City’s designation of the easement land leading from Maize Ct. toward the commons area. The Platt was posted on-line as well as the City Engineering office official response and phone number.  A second option was brought up by a resident as to whether we can add a sidewalk along Maize Rd.  It is up to the City to do this and it would be at a cost to the residents of Maize Ct.
  • It was noted that Maize Ct. is designated as a Limited Commons Area per Covenants. Maize Ct. residents will have access to the commons areas as part of their dues, however those residents are responsible for improving their area and at their own cost.  The Covenants state “Furthermore, the Association shall not construct, maintain, or repair commons land within the Limited Commons area.”  The residents are responsible for improving and maintaining  within their commons area.  Questions as to whether we can set money aside based on a formula to help put money back into their community property.  This would be a major legal issue and setting the formula for how we distribute and ensure that money is properly managed would be a huge undertaking.  HOAMS mentioned that all residents must be treated equal and as being part of our Covenant Community we cannot create special circumstances just for those residents.
  • It is City’s responsibility to maintain all sidewalks on their property. Concern brought by residents about severe sidewalk damage on paths to the Commons area.  HOAMS will add a note in the newsletter regarding sidewalk damage and options for residents to either complete repairs on their own or let City repair and pay the City for the repair.  Board member asked that the issue get addressed on behalf of the safety of all.  It was noted that we ought to inform residents before complaining to the City.  Can a crosswalk be added along with a piece of sidewalk leading to the curb from Yosemite and over to the commons area.  This would be at the cost of the homeowner or the HOA would have to identify it as a project and slate it for future development.
  • Board member raised concern that changing wrought iron requirement from Lot 48 Block A would create issues with other homes around lake. It was noted that this lot is part of the commons and allowing a wood fence would close off the commons area.  Connie motions to remove Lot 48 Block A of the Southern Ridge Addition from the proposed amendment allowing wood fencing, Brian seconded, motion passed 5-0.
  • Board agrees to send a mailing for the Special Membership meeting notice changing the amendments, with a notice of meeting on June 19th at 6:00pm. HOAMS to add garage sale notice in Newsletter

Adjournment: 7:33pm

 *Next Board Meeting will be held on June 19th @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).