Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, November 12, 2018 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Board Member in Attendance: Kip, Connie, Danielle, Tyler, Kendall, and Brian



Call Meeting to Order: 6:31pm

Kip Moved to Amend the Agenda to move the appointment of officers after the Approval or October Minutes, Brian seconded, motion carries 7-0.


Approval of October Minutes: Brian moved to approve the October Minutes, Kip Seconds, motion passes 6-0-1.


Appointment of Officers:

                President –Tyler motions to approve Kip as President, Brian seconds, motion carries 7-0.

Secretary – Brian motions to approve Danielle as Secretary, Tyler seconded, Motion carries 7-0.

Treasurer – Connie and Tyler both expressed interest in the position.  Connie and Tyler spoke about their

position on HOA finances and outlined their experience relevant to the position.  Connie has been attending the meetings since 2004, Bachelor of business in finance, works at a bank dealing with loans, interest, income, and managing finances.  Tyler has been on the Board for two years because there was a need to fill positions on the Board.  Tyler noticed the Board was sitting on cash and wanted to turn that into something for the neighborhood, spearheaded the Commons Project and finances, developed loan and cash flow accounting projections, hoping to make some changes to financial reporting, hoping to continue analyzing financial opportunities for the HOA’s money.  Voting results announced: Tyler wins the nomination 6-1.  Tyler assumes the Treasurer position.

Members At-Large – Brian, Kendall, Ryan, Connie


Resident Open Forum:  None


Treasurer’s Report: Discussion regarding keeping two Statements of Revenue or moving to one Statement of Revenue so we show our earnings and losses on one page rather than two; showing a balanced sheet and minimizing the appearance of large annual losses.  The money for the rip rap project came from the retained earnings; which is why the finances were broken out for that year.  Connie reviewed the reporting to an accountant and he stated it was acceptable way of reporting but asserted that it would show better if projects could be added to one Statement of Revenue as a capital asset.  There isn’t any capital improvement line item on the report; Tyler asserted that there ought to be a way to show assets.  HOAMS noted that there are limitations to the way their software will report information, and stated that Tyler would have to get with Brenda at HOAMS to find a suitable solution to our needs.

  • Tyler will work with the HOAMS accounting department to determine the options for reporting to meet our needs. Danielle requested Tyler report back to the Board with options for reporting; Board will discuss for approval moving forward.  This should be a project revamp over the next quarter.
  • Danielle will add a “Financial Review” line item to the agenda for all future meetings, ensuring Board has a better handle on reporting moving forward.


DRC: We need to get a complete Covenant with all seven amendments on the HOA website.  HOAMS will review their website to ensure those are all on their website for residents to access.  Danielle will add them to the SRHOA site.  Jennifer clarified she has eight amendments.


Landscape Committee: Brian sent the Board the newest Statement of Work for the 2019 Landscaping Contract.  It was noted that Countryside has done a great job on most of their services; Brian needs to get bids to cover the new Statement of Work for 2019.  Jennifer requested adding a map to the SOW to assist in getting a fair bid from vendors.  Brian will aim to obtain bids between now and January to allow the Board to execute a new contract in January.  Danielle requested bid include mowing time restrictions.  Brian motioned to approve the SOW with the addition of mowing times, bed maintenance, and a Commons Property map, Danielle seconds, motion carries 7-0. HOAMS noted the new contract should be signed by January.  Overwatering issues: HOAMS sent letters to residents regarding over-watering but we haven’t had a response.  HOAMS will send a second letter requesting action by a specific date.  Additionally, there is a new homeowner who may not have received the original letter so HOAMS will send that resident an initial letter.  Brian asked if doggie bags have been placed in doggie stations; Kip noted he has installed bags.  Danielle noticed the City marked some sidewalks along Yosemite as requiring replacement.  Tyler noted his neighbor received a letter from the City.  Tyler will see if he can get a copy of the letter in hopes the HOA can develop a plan to minimize burdens on residents affected.  Heidi (HOAMS) stated she would send a copy of the meeting transcript from their pool discussion; Board hasn’t received those notes, so Jennifer will follow up with Heidi to get those notes sent to the Board.  Ryan questioned the rule requiring landscape installation.  Residents typically get one or two planting seasons depending on circumstances and communication with HOAMS.  Specifically, one resident hasn’t planted a lawn after two planting seasons; HOAMS sent a letter to that resident to get updated plans.


Priority Business: 

  • Pool Auto-Fill: We still have to review the cost of a plumber to install the structure for an auto-fill. Brian noted we will need two spigots for the system.  Jennifer can obtain bids for the installation of two spigots.  Brian will send Jennifer pictures to show the line behind the wall.  Kip motions to approve the auto-fill install with David at Green Meadows, Brian seconds, and motion carries 7-0.  Jennifer will get the plumbing bids.
  • Commons Updates: Final grade plan for remaining area of sidewalks including the widened sidewalk and deals with the grading issues. Two bike rack locations have been identified.  Studium came out to lay everything out.  The court is finished but won’t be officially opened until the sidewalks have been poured.  The hope is that they will get concrete poured this week.  Connie asked about trash from the Sport Court installation and Tyler noted it should get picked up this week; if not, Tyler can work with Studium to get the trash removed.  Connie noted there is a low spot between the sport court and the home to the west, creating a pooling of water.  Tyler took note of the location; Studium has a plan to deal with the final grading but due to weather that work is delayed.  Brian took care of the door sweeps, holes in pool house concrete, sink leak, and heater in men’s room.
  • Coordinate Date for Storage Room Organization: Board will team up on Saturday at 2:00 to manage the work.
  • WiFi at Pool House: Brian will share password with the Board. He noted there are two separate accounts, one being a guest network.  HOAMS noted they don’t recommend allowing residents to use the WiFi.  Won’t consider at this time but if allowed, there would be a whole host of issues to determine before opening access.
  • Projects For Upcoming Year: (Additional projects identified but unable to discuss due to time)
    • Cleaning service: HOAMS provided three bids. Ryan motions to contract with Wichita Maid Service, Brian Seconds, motion carries 7-0.  Board agrees on a Monday service date (clean up after the weekend).  Jennifer will call to begin service Monday, November 19, 2018 if available.  Board discussed option of turning one restroom into storage and using one bathroom as a unisex restroom for winter.  Various Board members felt some residents would take issue with this.
    • First Responder’s Box: HOAMS will seek pricing information.
    • Pool and Commons Signs: language will be determined by the end of February; signs made by March. HOAMS will seek updated pricing for discussion in January and February (estimated installation of March).
    • Monument Lighting: Redo monument lighting with updated LED options. We need to identify what type of lighting options exist as well as how many lights are needed.  Brian will research lighting options.
    • Covenants: Jennifer can provide samples from other HOA’s for consideration, including fencing options, landscaping, trashcan screens, map, and holiday decorations. The Board will review language in January.
    • Other To Do Items Tabled due to time.
    • Brian asked to get access to Facebook in order to provide updates to residents. Kip will provide access.

Adjournment: 8:38pm

*Next Board Meeting is Monday, January 28, 2019 @ 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (119th/Pawnee).