Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, September 25, 2017    Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Brian, Danielle

DRC: Joe, Ryan


Call Meeting to Order: 6:40pm

* Residents in attendance:  John and Laurie

Approval of August Minutes:  Board member requested clarification on page 2 to include the word “Flagging” on the title “Sprinkler Locations”, so that it reads “Flagging Sprinkler Locations”.  Kip motions to approve August minutes as amended, Jeremy seconds, motion Approved 5-0.   Connie arrived after vote at 6:43.

Resident Open Forum:

Residents asked about trees pushing against their fence.  It was established that the trees are not HOA trees, they are easement trees and residents are allowed to maintain to prevent damage to their fence.


  • Blue house has now been painted grey.
  • Forms on website still won’t allow individuals to upload files along with the Project Approval Form (PAF).  Residents have to e-mail forms to HOAMS.  Secretary noted the on-line PAF form has been pushed to Lee Media to address.  No word from the company on the status.  President to follow up with Lee Media to find out where it is in the process.

 Landscaping Committee:

  • Tree watering: Brady can water the trees, currently it takes 2 guys $55/hour to water for two hours ($220/Week).  Still hoping that we can get residents to help water which would defray some of this cost.
  • Completed Projects:  Trees planted successfully; dirt work/over-seeding completed: Invoice came in higher due to drainage issues which were addressed; As-Build Map- collected all GPS data and now working on CAD map.  Pawnee irrigation fixes completed.
  • Flag Updates – flags picked up by Board on in the morning.
  • Playground sprinkler head rotating 360 degrees and hitting a large portion of the playground.  Board noted sprinkler times were adjusted to evening/early morning times to avoid spraying when Commons areas were in use.  Secretary to send picture to committee to readjust the sprinkler head.

Priority Business:

  • Communication: Documents will be stored in Google Drive and then e-mailed to team for discussion.  Task assignments will be e-mailed to the board in an email from Secretary after each meeting.
  • Website: budget section was removed – residents can access information when logging into the HOAMS website; Fill-able Project Approval Form has been sent to Lee Media group to add to website; Email addresses have been updated.  Secretary asked who currently receives on-line submissions of the PAF; all Board members and DRC members should receive the submissions.
  • Bids, SOW, Vendor Payment: HOAMS operates using Net30 and our Board ought to follow this process for paying vendors unless for special circumstances and upon Board approval. Will pay off of invoices but we should always approve off of an official bid (which includes terms and conditions, scope of work, charge).  Board member noted they would obtain bids but then HOAMS would need to follow up to request the official Bid and Invoice.  The Board must have copies of official bids before the day of the meeting.
  • Commons Planning update and discussion – Financing is an issue, wouldn’t be approved for a $600,000 loan under the current conditions of the HOA. HOAMS personnel was to have the loan reworked at a maximum potential loan of $500,000 but we haven’t received feedback regarding any change in loan terms.  POC will check with Simmons Bank.  HOAMS to follow up with Mutual of Omaha as well as begin discussions with Kansas State Bank in Andover.  Board member stated we ought to consider addressing a smaller plan, such as addressing empty lot and increasing pool capacity.  Board member expressed hesitation in phasing plans again because we would again drag out the project and increase costs.  Board member suggested we shouldn’t put ourselves in an all or nothing approach, we must consider additional options.  Architect Update: The architect has received the results of the Topo Survey; they anticipate completing preliminary layouts this week.  HOAMS to send pool usage to the Board.
  • Annual Meeting Date/Location: November 6, 6:30pm at Reliance Community Church (booked for main Chapel). Mailer: is on hold pending bank financing for Commons project – if there is no possible financing, there will be no vote.  Mailer to go out no later than October 15th, would include newsletter, voting ballots.
  • Combined November and December Board meeting and set meeting for December 4th, 2017. No meetings on  November 27th or December 25th.
  • No updates from HOAMS
  • Newsletter has been created in draft format. Secretary will send to team.
  • Bids for drainage ditch at South end of small pond presented from Opps and Voegeli. Preliminary work to create drainage fixes and add sidewalk.  Will contact Twin Rivers for a third bid.  POC will add bids to Google Drive.
  • Resident submitted a concern about dead animal in Commons. Secretary will call animal control.

Adjournment: 8:35pm.

**Next Board Mtg. held at 6:30pm on October 23rd at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, KS.