Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting
Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Monday, March 27, 2017 Meeting Time: 6:30 pm
Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Kip Capps
Kip, Connie, Ashley, Tyler, Jeremy, Joe, Brian


Call Meeting to Order: 6:38pm.

Approval of February Minutes : Jeremy motions to approve the minutes and seconded by Connie. Motion passed 5-0.

Residents Open Forum: N/A

DRC: 3 Landscape Requests pending. Board reviewed and gave DRC ok to pass.

Landscape Committee: Addressed after Item 1 and 2. Committee member Brian met with Brandon Hay  (Hay Lawn Care) and his tree personnel. Hay provided a bid for spraying pine trees. With the bid provided the Board and LC agree that the bid would not be accepted and money used somewhere else. The spray that was desired to be used by the tree personnel was not safe for the fish in the pond once run off hit the pond. LC recommended that tree trimming is a must and to consider looking at bids to do so with strict instruction for trimming. LC also brought up that there is an irrigation leak around the park area, might be under the sand. LC would like to know if Hay Lawn Care is certified or has personnel certified with System Design. Lark and Pawnee entrance needs revamped/re-landscaped and asked to seek bids to do so. Area between the Sand Box border and sidewalk behind the basketball goal, needs sod or widen the sidewalk. Because of traffic in that area the grass is nonexistent is that area. Sidewalks need repairs for safety issues. Lot of sidewalk need leveled out due to settling, also lot of sidewalk is cracked and could potentially be a tripping hazard. LC recommended that sidewalks be a priority before fixing or improving landscape issues.

Priority Business:

  • Appoint Available Vacancies of Open Board Seats: Kip nominates Brian Mull for open board seat.

  • Action to Appoint New Member: Kip motions to appoint Brain as a new board member, Seconded by Tyler. Motion approved 5-0.

  • Review Bid(s) to Repair Monument on Greenfield: Only one bid has been turned in. Will table Till next meeting to allow more time for  Additional bids.

  • Set 3-4 goals for 2017 in order of importance with goal completion dates to track board for the upcoming year: Tyler motions to have 3 architecture firms to come layout commons area and Find out what they would charge to bid the layout work and express ideas that Would help build up the area. Brian seconded the motion. Motion passed 6-0.

  • Setting written duties for 2017 Landscape Committee: This item was tied into Landscape Committee section.

  • Ashley makes motion to receive bids for Re-canopy/Trimming of trees. Jeremy seconded. Motion approved 6-0.

Adjournment: 8:30pm.

**Next Meeting will be held on April 24th. At 6:30pm. Southern Ridge Pool House **Weather Permitting**

*If weather is not cooperating meeting will be held at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7, Wichita, Ks.*