Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, June 26, 2017    Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Brian, Danielle



Call Meeting to Order: 6:36pm

* No residents in attendance.

* No issues brought forward from the board.

Approval of May Minutes: Jeremy motions to approve the May minutes Tyler seconds.

Motion Approved 6-0.

Residents Open Forum: N/A

DRC: Joe talked to City of Wichita regarding sheds.  Sheds require building permit to move anything over 250 SQFT.  All sheds require location permit. It is the homeowners responsibility to talk to the City of Wichita to get a location permit.  The minimum set back of front is always 25ft, however depending on location the side and back set-backs vary.  Any building regardless of SQFT needs a permit.  Brian asked to see a site reference in writing to verify information.

Fence was denied because it isn’t wood or wrought iron.  The covenants do not allow for this type of plastic fencing.  The DRC feels the covenants need to be amended so that they aren’t out of date.   There are a great deal of plastic options all of which have different levels of quality; it creates a big burden on the DRC to research variances of fencing options.  Acknowledgement that there is an exceptions process, but we ought to change the covenants in this situation due to complexities.

Open discussion for changing the covenants.   Stated that it would cost nearly $1,000 in legal fees to make any changes to covenants.   If considering a change, we ought to consider doing many items at once for future.   Following added to potential covenant changes:

  1.  Fencing alternatives to wood and wrought iron.
  2.  Trash can covenant doesn’t clearly state that it has to be out of site but that it must be approved by the DRC.   The DRC would be burdened having to approve all requests; change wording.
  3.  Add section regarding acceptable personal pool options (perhaps to only include in-ground pools).

There currently isn’t anything in the covenants discussing pool requirements.

Landscape Committee:

Get It Done Budget discussed due to assist in timely and basic landscaping needs, such as sprinkler heads, minor tree maintenance, etc.  This is an attempt to cut out the lengthy wait to get approval from the Board to fix basic landscaping needs.

  • Any expenditures would still be paid for and run through the HOAMS accounting offices.  The proposed budget would be $4,000 per season, or roughly $500 per month.
  • LRC to submit all invoices to HOAMS,  President and Secretary approve invoices, and HOAMS would pay.
  • HOAMS asked that LRC send brief notification email stating work completed and amount paid.

In looking over the budget and current account balance, it was identified that we do have extra money in our budget to allocate to this budget.  Tyler motions to approve the $4,000 Budget for landscape maintenance, Brian Seconds.  Unanimous approval.

Priority Business:

Architect Plans:  The issue at hand right now is finding an architect.  Current Bid Submissions Are-

  • Baughman provided bid for developing the commons area.  They will develop a Master Plan, all other work is at additional cost.  Bid is $23,900 – Master Plan ($3,600), site planning ($12,100),  assisting with contractor selections ($5,200), and a Topography report ($3,000).
  • Studium is willing to do upfront work and if it doesn’t work out we could go elsewhere.  Studium will provide a site plan for $3,200.
  • GLMV will develop a Master Plan for $10,000
  • MKEC declined to bid.
  • There is a need for commercial grade work vs. lower grade work; therefore the  Board is pursuing a professional plan from a company that can manage commercial grade equipment.

Connie got information from Good Pool and Spa.  He pointed out that a second pool creates twice the maintenance, twice the breakage, etc.  Also with increasing the pool size we Increases occupancy, restrooms, parking, insurance, etc.

Clarification on the vote: at this time the Board must approve an architectural company to design a Master Plan which the Board could present to the residents in October.  After the plan is in place, we’d have the option of continuing work with the chosen firm to get information on costs of equipment, construction work, etc.

The Board recognizes that Studium was the lowest cost for the Master Plan.  They also seemed to have the ability and interest to conduct the work according to the Statement of Work set forth by the Board.

Brian moved to approve Studium, Jeremy seconded.  Unanimous approval.

Sidewalks:  Horsch Landscaping provided a bid for limestone around pond to deal with runoff into lake (Cost $8,500).  Reviewed necessity vs. cost.  Areas in questions aren’t slick spots but the concrete seems to crack faster due to excessive moisture. Cost outweighs benefits; Tyler motions to table the limestone on the steep corner and Kip seconds.  Unanimous approval.

Slick spots will be addressed via french drains.  Opp Concrete will be scheduled to begin work on Tuesday, July 11th.  HOAMS to schedule and pay the 25% down payment.  Opp to order the Locate.

Silt Fence: to block construction dirt and prevent runoff along South lake still hasn’t been installed.  HOAMS to contact City of Wichita regarding the spillover.

Signs:  Waiting on pricing from Signs and Designs per Jennifer.

Trees:  Bids to remove volunteer trees from evergreens.

  1. Alfreds charges $300 per hour and won’t mulch.
  2. Arbor Masters bid $900 for removal and option to mulch for an additional $200.
  3. Hay (our current lawn care vendor) quoted  $1,150 for the job and an additional $150 to haul off.

Move to approve Hay if he can spread the mulch without an additional fee.  If there is an additional fee we would default to Arbor Masters to do the work.  Kip moved to use Hay with the condition that they could include mulch at no additional cost; IF not then we would default to awarding the bid to Arbor Masters.  Jeremy seconded.  Unanimous approval.

Pool House:  Request considered to purchase a Lost and Found pool box with matching trash can, anti-slip mats to eliminate risk of slipping in the pool house bathrooms, and a new toilet tank lid replacement for the men’s restroom.  Kip motioned to approve pool house request, Tyler seconded. Unanimous approval.

Due to a resident’s complaint, the wood trim in the ladies room had been inspected for rot. No rot was identified, but the cleanliness was in question.  Connie to contact Aquasizers to request a better cleaning job.  Board recognized that the pool chairs and loungers were rusting and badly stained.  There is a need to begin the process of looking into new seating options.  Danielle to research seating options and pricing for commercial grade options.

The Pool House equipment beginning to fail due to power surges from storms.  He highly recommends installing an electrical surge protector built into the breaker box which covers the key card system and the camera and pool house electrical system.  No line surge protection currently exists.  Current contractor E7 could have an electrical surge protector installed with a weatherproof box and tested for $550 (including parts and labor).  Jeremy motions to approve E7 to have surge protector installed, Kip seconds the motion.  Unanimous Approval.

Aquasizers has recommended that lights inside the pool be set on a timer because they are causing a bug problem.   HOAMS to get bids for an electrician to install light sensors.

Recommendation made to install light sensors in bathrooms to eliminate timer switch functional issues.  Switches are turned to the longest setting and left on when not in use.  A light sensor can be set to go off when the facilities are not in use, thus conserving electricity.  Changing light switches can be done by Joe.

Lights on the monument aren’t working properly.  They turn off and on sporadically.  The monument lights can be rewired by the HOA, we won’t need an electrician to complete the work.  Joe assigned to complete work.

Adjournment: 8:32pm.

**Next Meeting to be held at 6:30pm on July 24th at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, KS.