Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, August 28, 2017    Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Brian, Danielle, Ashley



Call Meeting to Order: 6:34pm

* Residents in attendance: Paul, Yule, Ryan, Nickolas, Frank.

Resident Open Forum: Clarification on Basketball goal approvals, Sidewalk drainage issues and drainage, question regarding the Commons area and specifically the pool.

Approval of June Minutes: Secretary noted an amendment to minutes to remove names and replace with positions to maintain proper formatting of minutes.  Brian motions to approve the June minutes, Jeremy seconds.  Motion Approved 6-0.

Special Guest Forum with Architects: Introductions made for the 3 architects representing our Commons planning project.  Open for questions and answers.

Studium is operating under the Scope of Work (SOW) provided by the Board in order to develop a site plan:

  1. Can provide a Single Phase plan or Multiple Phase plan according to our needs.
  2. Can provide a control budget which estimates costs based on experience, we can’t expect the control budget to project actual cost.
  3. Clarification that Studium’s plan will take into consideration, drainage issues (and pool water                                  drainage currently routed to playground), easements, underground utilities, Board budget (our budget is used as a design tool), community wish list, and final landscaping (sod, plantings, trees, etc.).
  4. In order to accurately design for proper drainage and to properly consider site elevation it is highly recommended we conduct a Topographical Survey. (Only one Topo survey will be required).
  5. Studium will explore the best possible placement of structures according to our most beneficial elevations to eliminate having extra work and costs.
  6. Examples of layouts (rough ideas) were introduced by Board Point of Contact (POC) as well as by                       Studium.
  7. Parking was brought up as a specific note of concern: How many parking spaces are required? That is up to the HOA to decide, it isn’t tied to a city regulation.  Group conveyed that another parking lot should be added on the other side of the commons area, but that parking on both sides should be limited to roughly 4-6 slanted stalls on each side, making the lots smaller.
  8. Pools:  Considering 2 concrete pools one larger pool (40′ x 60′) and one kiddie pool (18′ x 18′).
  9. Considerations need to be made with respect to residents’ privacy for homes around the                           commons area.  Consider visual affects, as well as noise minimization.
  10. Studium asks that we work under only one POC/representative which at this time has been                                                 identified as Board member Tyler.
  11. Can provide a plan within a 2 month timeline.

Most Important for Board to decide:

  1. Budget: POC has worked on a plan and would like to present in a special meeting to the board. POC to send Studium the budget proposal as it stands for a second opinion/audit.
  2. Wish list: has been provided but needs to be prioritized in consideration with overall project                                      budget and costs.  Studium noted that 5-10% of the projected costs of the project should be held in construction reserves for unanticipated costs.
  3. Highly recommended to conduct a Topographical.  Studium will provide three bids within one week.  Board will vote on conducting a Topo survey at our scheduled special meeting.  (Scheduled for Wednesday, August 16th at 6:30).
  4. Need to consider our phasing process (one phase/one loan OR multiple phases/multiple loans)
  5. Regarding timeline the sooner the better but it is fine if we can confirm budget/final list of projects within the next month.

Studium asked for background on our community process for moving forward with the project.  It was clarified by HOAMS and Board members that the community would have to vote on a project which entails financing of this scale; and therefore we would present the architectural project plans and detailed financial analyses at the annual HOA meeting scheduled sometime around October.  Furthermore it was announced that as part of this master plan we are forced to consider raising dues and/or adopt special assessments in order to pay for the projects.  Without looking at increasing financial support from residents, we wouldn’t be able to move forward with any large scale projects in our main commons area (including pools, updated playground equipment, and other recreational options).

Residents are allowed input into the project regarding the site plans but final planning is made by architects at Studium with direction provided by our Board POC.

Financial Planning and Project Prioritization: Special Open meeting to be called per Board Officers and posted with 5 days advance notice to residents.  Date determined as Wednesday, August 16th at 6:30 with location to be determined.  Secretary to find location and post meeting information for residents.  Will discuss and vote on completion of Topo Survey, present financial plan, and manage our project priorities.

Resident raised a concern with increasing dues considering new houses would bring additional revenue, and therefore potentially pay for this projects’ financial commitment.  Board member stated that we wouldn’t be able to finance the loan and begin work without added income.  One Board member noted a potential for special assessments which allows the HOA to maintain dues at current cost, but it is imperative to spend more time looking into our long term financial goals and outcomes.  Special assessments are a one time assessment and the future homes not yet developed will not have paid any money toward the projects.  POC is prepared to present the numbers for the plan, estimated future reserves, and options for financing.

Residents Open Forum:  Note that before Resident Open Forum began a resident left voicing that they had a concern but didn’t have time to wait for the Resident Open Forum.  Board member asked if we could document something on their behalf, the concern wasn’t conveyed to the Board.  No other resident feedback brought forth at this time.

DRC: DRC Request for a Basketball Backboard in resident’s driveway is now moved to Board for a tie-breaker vote.  (Vote stands at: 1 For and 1 Against).  Discussion starts with a clarification of the Covenant wording regarding Basketball Backboards: “All basketball backboards and supports shall be approved by the Association DRC prior to installation.  No temporary or moveable basketball backboard goals shall be placed or allowed in the front of the residence whether on the driveway, straight, or in the patio in the yard.”  Board member pointed out that there are currently many approved goals throughout the neighborhood and to deny this request would require substantial rationale. Resident discussed the danger involved in allowing basketball near roadways with the potential for children chasing balls into the street; furthermore the argument was made that cars would have to be moved to the streets in order to clear the driveway for play.  Call to vote for approving the resident’s goal request: All in Favor 5, Opposed 0, Abstentions 1.

Landscape Committee:

Sidewalk Construction Updates: Opp began work but still has work to be completed.  Board noticed equipment/tools laying around, requested that Opp be asked to reposition equipment so it is consolidated and out of the way of recreational structures.  HOAMS noted that advertising signs are not allowed in the neighborhood so Opp yard signs will have to be removed.  Brian with the LC will contact Opp for follow-up.

Cutting of Sod: Dirt runoff is an issue on sidewalks around lakes causing deeper issues.  Contractors recommended we cut sod and remove dirt to lower the sod.  Currently we only have one bid so we need to seek more bids.  Noted that HOA needs additional bids for over-seeding lawn as well.  Brian with the LC will solicit bids for over seeding in addition to cutting sod.  Note: Board will have to move on these bids in the August meeting due to seasonal timing.

Tree Plantings:  Board previously voted on adding trees to commons area but due to contractors underbidding ($4,950 to provide and install 30 trees) they could not complete the work.  New bids have been procured to include:

Brady: 24 trees for $6,546.39. (Includes 2″ tree, install, mulch, and one year warranty)

Brady 2: $8,761.10  (30 2″ tree, install, mulch, and one year warranty)

Hongs:  $14,219.75 (30 2″ trees, installed)

Tree Top: $11,266.00 (30 2″ trees, installed)

Horsch Landscaping: $9,000 (30 2″ trees, installed)

Jeremy motioned to vote on contracting Brady to install 24 trees for $6,546.3; Brian seconded.  Motion approved 6-0.  Brady will need to get an invoice to HOAMS so we can pay their 50% down payment.

Update on Tree Removal:  Noted that a pine tree on Maize Rd is half dead.  Brian with LC will inspect and follow-up.  Tree trimming on Pawnee and Lark was approved in June Meeting but Arbor Masters stated they couldn’t complete work because a contract hadn’t been received from HOAMS.  HOAMS stated it had been signed and e-mailed over two weeks ago.  They responded that they received this e-mail and they stated they’d follow up to schedule a date but Arbor Masters did not follow up to schedule.  Brian with the LC to follow up and get something scheduled.

Pawnee/Lark landscaping:  Beautification project was previously discussed for the Pawnee/Lark entrance (open land at right hand side of entrance).  Brady and Horsch Landscaping both provided a ballpark bid of $5,000 to include limestone wall and plantings.  It was previously thought this project had been approved, but the approval for the project hadn’t been moved to vote.  Debate about the necessity of completing this project before embarking on an large scale Commons project ensued.  Multiple large projects are on the table with high-dollar amounts, and the concern is that we prioritize these projects and consider in relation to the financials being brought forward at the August 16th meeting.  Furthermore concern was brought that this is not the only entrance which needs landscaping help and we ought to develop a plan to address all entrances and open commons.  We need to add planning for the Maize Ct. roundabout (concern that there isn’t irrigation in the circle) and the Maize rd. entranceway.  A complete plan ought to be presented along with the Commons Area Development and the Board can decide whether we need to add it into financing or proceed with the project using current reserves.  Brian with the LC will work with the Commons Planning POC to add information to the presentation.

Priority Business: Business tabled due to need to adjourn.

Adjournment: 8:38pm.

**Next meeting: Special Session Meeting Wednesday, August 16th at 6:30.  Location TBD, will be set          by Secretary and notifications will be sent within the week.

**Next Board Mtg. held at 6:30pm on August 28th at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, KS.