Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Location: Reliance Community Church – 11910 W Pawnee, Wichita KS 67215

Meeting Date: Monday, December 4, 2017          Meeting Time: 6:00 pm

Meeting Minutes Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Danielle, Brian

DRC: Joe



 Call Meeting to Order:    6:32pm

* Residents in attendance:  Two residents in attendance

Approval of November Board Minutes:    Tyler motioned to approve minutes, Brian seconded.  Motion approved 6-0.

Resident Open Forum:  Nothing

DRC: Nothing

Landscape Committee:


  • SOW for 2018  landscape bids: Still working on SOW.  HOAMS will provide a copy they have to see if it helps.  Brian will have SOW done in the next two weeks.  Group will approve via e-mail.  LC will get the bids to be ready for approval at next meeting.
  • Treasurer asked about a Brady bill.  Clarification that the bill contained two water applications on trees.


Priority Business:

  • Officer Assignment: Need to reappoint officers. Officers: Kip Capps-President; Connie Clary-Treasurer; Danielle Basile-Secretary; Ashley Schrader-Member At Large (MAL); Jeremy Wallace-MAL; Brian Mull-MAL; Tyler Higgs-MAL.  Jeremy motions to retain officers as is, Tyler seconds.  Motion passes 6-0.
  • 2018 Budget Tyler asked why we pay $300 to have taxes prepared. HOAs are required to file taxes.  Question is whether we can avoid the $300 fee by filing for ourselves.  Question whether we could reduce printing fees.  This budget reflects an increase in houses and anticipated mailings.  It doesn’t seem at this time it’s a possibility.  Suggestion to trim the Community Events line item from $2,000 to $1,000.   Board is okay with reducing it to $1,000.   Overall the Landscaping budget is in the ballpark.  Landscaping committee is comfortable removing $1,000 for new trees since we planted new trees this year.  The only item not reflected in the budget is the South Pond/South End drainage and sidewalk clean-up.  This could be designated as a Capital Improvements budget to come out of savings.  Kip motions to approve the amended budget, Brian seconds.  Motion approved 6-0.
  • Drainage Issues: Homeowner feels HOAMS is responsible for managing the homeowners’ drainage issues. HOAMS will notify residents they can discuss their issues further with builder and/or neighbors.  Board member noted improper grading of HOA property behind two new homes at south end of small pond.  HOAMS will discuss with the builder the need to fix improper re-grade done by construction personnel on the commons area.  (South end of small pond – between sidewalk and new houses).
  • Bids for sidewalk and ditch clean out on South end of small pond: Two bids recommended a adding a culvert and one recommended installing a bridge.
    • Roberts $2,950 and to extent sidewalk to Lark is $1,400 and $350×3 for new sidewalks =$5,450
    • Opp Concrete is $4,640 and extend sidewalk $2,460 = $7,100
    • Voegeli Construction is at $2,850
    • Abe’s Tree Service will remove concrete junk and grind stumps in the ditch for $1,500.
    • Board requests additional bids and more specific SOW in order to compare apples to apples.  Bids for sidewalk should include: Concrete inlet and outlet, steel and concrete culvert (pre-cast concrete option).  Bids for drainage ditch: Trees cut as low as possible and weeds removed.  Board to contact Arbor Masters for additional bids.  HOAMS to contact Voth for rip rap and trees as well as secure bids for rip rap in ditch.
  • Commons Project Next Steps
    • Financial Planning – Budget for Project and Loan Decision Making:  The loan needs to be finalized.  Need written caps on the balloon financing increase in 5 years and in 10 years.  Board member noted that loan fees cost $2,000, the need to refinance later is reasonable considering our loan will be smaller, we will be able to look at more loan options without having a developer in the picture, etc.  If we wait to approve the loan terms we will miss our opportunity to begin the project and push back the finish date. Kip Motions to approve the loan terms through Andover State Bank, Brian seconds, motion approved 6-0.  Jennifer to follow up with Rodney regarding terms of loan.
    • Construction management is 10% on the cost of the build and a $25,000 estimated architectural.  Tyler motions to approve Studium to continue architectural design and Jeremy seconds.  Motion passes 5-1.
    • Timeline: aim to have pool completed May 1, 2018.
    • Project specifics: Sport court 100’x60′, flip the pool house/toddler pool, organic shaped pool, pool house: separate storage, year-round bathroom access, salt water, heated, anti-skid in bathrooms, smaller playground, look at upgrade to gate entry system, four picnic tables/power/lights on pavilion.

Adjournment: 8:36pm

 **Next Meeting will be held on January 22nd @ 6:30pm.  Meeting will be held at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.