Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, August 28, 2017    Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Agenda Recorded By: Danielle Basile

Kip, Connie, Jeremy, Tyler, Brian, Danielle, Ashley



Call Meeting to Order: 6:34pm

* Residents in attendance: Paul, Yule, Ryan, Nickolas, Frank.

Approval of July Minutes: Jeremy motions to approve July minutes, Brian seconds, motion Approved 7-0.

Approval of August Special Session Minutes: Ashley motions to approve minutes, Jeremy seconds, motion Approved 7-0.

Resident Open Forum: Clarification on Basketball goal rules in yards and history of approvals, Sidewalk drainage issues brought forward and drainage resolutions discussed (called builder about new build dirt runoff, City of Wichita inspection, and Board member personally shoveled mud from sidewalk, additional work has been done in other areas to remove excess dirt), question regarding the development of the Commons area and specifically the pool, Board noted plans are to come from Studium Architecture in October.  Resident noted original plans for the neighborhood included two to three commons areas and pools.  Questioned why this isn’t in the plans.  Board noted the HOA was never provided with additional land for an additional pool.  It was also noted that J. Russel, the developer of our community, clearly platted only one pool in this neighborhood.  It would be cost prohibitive to purchase additional land and maintain two separate pools, pump houses, maintenance, cameras, gates, etc.  It was also noted that a survey was conducted by the HOA in past years and residents responded that they would prefer a tennis/basketball court over a second pool.  Board clarified that the hope is to expand the current pool approximately 3 times in size and add a second smaller kiddie pool in close proximity.  Questions about birthday parties and reservations for the new pool.  Board brought up many concerns which created an environment prohibitive to scheduling and hosting parties – too many abuses and hassles.


Resident Ryan noted interest in joining the DRC.  Ashley motioned to approve, Jeremy seconded, motion approved 7-0.  DRC Committee is now full at three members.  Possibly a need for an additional member soon.

Board to vote on a basketball goal tie breaker.  Brian motions to approve goal request, Kip seconds, motion approved 7-0.

Shed submission tie-breaker vote.  Board member notes it is in the back yard and looks great.  Board member notes it is against the covenants because it is a tin roof and cedar wood exterior.  Covenants specifically identify exterior buildings only allow wood tile or composition roofs and exterior must be same type and color as house.  Kip motions to deny the shed, Brian seconds, Board votes to deny shed 6-0 with 1 abstention.

On-line Project Approval Form is live on the website and linked on the Face Book page.  Emails are working properly.  HAOMS and DRC noted the form doesn’t allow for easy and complete transmission of information.   Suggestion offered to do-away with on-line form.  Another suggestion made to create a Fillable PDF Form to put in it’s place so that residents would still have an option to submit on-line.  Secretary will look into creating a  form and upload to website.

Landscape Committee:

Dirtwork in addition to seeding:  Many areas need additional dirt work due to soil erosion before we can overseed.  Cost is an additional $2,200.  Tyler motions to approve additional dirtwork, Brian seconds, approved 7-0.

Weed Care: Questions as to whether we consider amending our weed management terms in the Hay Landscaping contract.  Board noted contract was ending this season and it would be taken into consideration for next contract.  Hay did decide to spray for weeds in our beds so the weed problem has been attended to.  It isn’t in the contract to weed inside playground.

Flagging Sprinkler Locations: Hay LC was solicited but did not submit bid

Ø      Suburban Landscape (heads only) $520; (heads and map) $1175 ($655 map)

Ø      SSI Irrigation – $760

Ø      Affordable Sprinklers – $2k ballpark (too busy with Pawnee irrigation to provide quote)

Board noted issues with Suburban Landscape’s last contract and brought forward concerns with using them again.  Second Board member noted the experience and stated they could support a using their services again as long as we have a detailed Scope of Work to which we can hold them accountable.  Brian moved to approve Suburban Landscape, Tyler seconded, motion approved 7-0.

Note to have Secretary post intent to flag on FaceBook, ask residents to not mess with the flags.

As-Build Locate Map

Ø      Contacted Superior, Suburban, SSI, and Affordable.  No capabilities to make quality GPS map.

Ø      Spencer Applehanz $1,000 to include sprinkler and valve locations, irrigation sizing, lawn care   measurements (seed, fertilizer, water rates), reference measurements, commons expansion

Tyler moves to conduct the As-Build Locate Map, Jeremy seconds, approved 7-0.  Brian to set up work.

Tree Planting: Brady Scheduled September 6-8.  Locations will be noted with red flags (24 trees).  Planted around large pond, commons, and Lark monument.

Completed Projects: Sidewalk repair, Mulch, Volunteer tree removal, Removal for Pawnee and Maize

Repair irrigation on Pawnee:  Provided a bid from Affordable Sprinklers for $1,400.  Noted a need to do repairs quickly before overseeding.  Tyler motions to approve Affordable Sprinklers to fix irrigation system, Brian seconds, motion approved 7-0.

Priority Business: Pool business tabled due to possible commons development plans.  Kip to look at pool for “Pool Closed” sign.

Annual Meeting: Connie motions to hold the Annual Meeting on Monday, November 6th, Jeremy seconds, Motion approved 7-0.  Secretary to secure location (potentially Reliance Community Church).

HOAMS Update:  No updates, pool signs tabled pending commons development outcomes

Communication:  tabled to adjourn meeting on time

Adjournment: 8:33pm.

**Next Board Mtg. held at 6:30pm on September 25th at HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, KS.