Southern Ridge Home Owners Association Board Meeting

Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS

Meeting Date: Monday, October 24  Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Meeting Notes Recorded By: Jalaynna Beers

Call Meeting to Order:   6:30

All board members present.

  • Kristin Scott resigns from being a board member effective after this meeting. She requests to no longer be a part of the email chain.
  • Angela Moss resigns from being a board member effective after this meeting. She requests to no longer be a part of the email chain.

Approval of September Minutes:  Kip Motions to accept minutes. Angela seconds motions Passes: 7-0

Residents Open Forum: 

Resident 1: Voiced concern regarding grass fires being started around Yosemite and Lark. This is just west of the little pond. Jennifer will contact neighborhood police officer and inquire about what should be done.

DRC Business:

Request 1: Wooden Fence being placed on 2705 Westgate and plant trees PENDING APPROVAL

Request 2: Wrought Iron Fence 2510 Westgate PENDING APPROVAL

Approval: Approved Mail Boxes to be installed. As long as they are appealing to the neighborhood they will be approved by the DRC.

DRC Committee Restructuring:

*Motion by Kip Capps to remove Shawn Patterson from the DRC committee; Seconded by Kristin Scott PASSES: 7-0

*2525 Prescott: Board discussed the issue of paint color approval. The board supports the DRC recommendation.

*The board is currently looking for neighbors to serve on the DRC committee. If a neighbor is interested, please contact Jennifer at the HOA office.

Priority Business:

1.)    Fall Party:

  • Jalaynna: Paint Brushes, Aprons, Apples
  • Connie: Tattoos, Chalk, pumpkins, cooler
  • Kristin: Trunks and Treats
  • Kip will bring water

** Jennifer will place signs about details on Tuesday, October 25th.

2.)    Annual Meeting Around the Corner

  • Ballot Names: Jalaynna Beers, Kip Capps, Ashley Schrader, Connie Clary, Jeremy Wallace, Steve Richardson
  • Quorum does not have to be met.
  • Meeting is on November 7th @ 7:00 at Asbury West Church.

3.)    Website Information:

  1. HOA sites discussion


  1. Looks good, Jennifer will check to see if they only design or if they manage as well.

4.)    Pool Fix/Repair Bid:

  1. Platinum bid and Personal Touch and Aqua Sizers to fix steps. Jennifer will obtain bids to share at the November meeting.

5.)    Upcoming Year ideas:

  1. Developing commons areas

i.      Find consulting company to help make ideas for those areas.

ii.      Decide location for additional lots for commons

  1. Rip Rap around ponds
  2. Reseeding areas around ponds, Pawnee

Financial Review:  

1.)    Went over upcoming 2017 annual budget.

  1. Adjusted income due to more houses
  2. Administrative increase
  3. We went over budget on irrigation due to major repairs.
  4. Looking at side walk repairs so budgeted more money in this area.
  5. Increased utilities to cover expense.
  6. 3 officer HOA dues will begin being credited to the officers in 2017
  7. Discussed possibility of raising dues if more commons area is developed, and to possibly assist the payment for the rip rap.

Bids to be Reviewed and Action to be taken at November Meeting:

  • Rip rap updating/ Dirt Grading in open commons lot to be matched to master drainage plan.
  • Pool Repair and Pool Contract for Maintenance
  • Lawn and Landscaping Companies

Adjournment:   Kip adjourned meeting at 8:30

***Next meeting will be held at 7:00 PM. On Monday, November 7, 2016 at Asbury West Church Wichita, KS.***

***The Next regular board meeting will be on Monday, November 28, 2016 at 6:30 PM at the HOA Office.