Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Monday June 27, 2016
Meeting Time: 6:30 pm

Call Meeting to Order:  6:35pm.

Approval of April Minutes:  Motion to approve by Steve and seconded by Kip. Motion approved 4-0.

Residents Open Forum:

  • Resident 1:  Sidewalks Flooding, Grass issues needing to address with Superior. No weeding eating and missed patches.
  • Resident 2 and 3: Condition of the pool not very good and sides of pool were Not being cleaned. Attention to trimming around the pool And pool house needed more attention. Bathrooms were not As clean, needed more attention as well. Suggested a cleanup Day in the fall with more advertisement of the day. Suggested a pool committee and social committee, to help With pool problems/operations, and to get more residents Active within the community.
  • Resident 4:  Wanted to ask the board to reinstate her payment arrangements. States that her payday is every other Friday, and her payment Arrangement was set on Tuesdays. Also asked that a $50 Compliance fee be waived. Board agreed to reinstate payment Arrangement. Board also agreed that a decision would be made by End of week to waive the compliance fee and notify her.

DRC Business:    N/A.

Priority Business:

  • Appoint Available Vacancies of Open Board Seats: Motion to nominate Kristen Scott to vacant Board seat by Kip and seconded by Connie. Motion passed 5-0. Ashley phoned in for vote Vote. Motion to nominate Jalaynna Beers to vacant Board seat by Kip and seconded by Connie. Motion passed 5-0. Ashley phoned in for Vote.
  • Board Dues Resolution Draft: Motion to accept the new resolution by Kip and seconded by Angela. Motion passed to accept 4-3. Ashley phoned in for vote.
  • Prioritize Items presented by Superior (Rip Rap, Pawnee & Maize Entry’s, Mulch, Mulch Remove, Sprinkler Heads): Motion to accept the bid From Superior for irrigation Repairs and adjustments, not  To exceed $3000 by Connie And seconded by Kip. Motion To accept 7-0. Ashley phoned In for vote. Motion to accept mulch work And adding new mulch bed By pool not to exceed $4000 Including some shrubs and Shred Premium Cedar Mulch By Connie and seconded by Kip. Motion to accept 7-0.  Ashley phoned in for vote.
  • Action to Appoint New Directors and Members, Rearrange of Officers: Motion to accept Jalaynna Beers as Secretary by Kip and Seconded by Connie. Motion to accept 6-0.
  • Pool Improvement/Security: Motion to approve new magnetic latch for pool gate, not to exceed $200 by Connie and seconded by Kip. Motion to accept 7-0. Ashley Phoned in for vote.
  • Approval Limit for additional chairs for pool: Tabled to July meeting
  • Adult pool hours: Tabled to July meeting.

Old/Other Business:

  • Trash Blind: Bids to be reviewed at next meeting.
  • Doggie Bags: Tabled to July meeting.
  • Trash Can: Tabled to July meeting.
  • Ice Cream Social: Tabled to July meeting.

Financial Review:

Adjournment: 8:44pm.

***Next meeting will be held at 6:30pm. On July 25th, 2016 at HOA Management 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.***