Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Monday, July 25, 2016
Meeting Time: 6:30 pm
Meeting Notes Recorded By: Jalaynna Beers

Call Meeting to Order:  6:30pm.
**Connie joined us on conference call beginning 6:30- 7:58
**Angie absent due to daughter’s trip in Manhattan.

Approval of April Minutes:  Motion to approve by Kristen and seconded by Jalaynna. Motion approved 6-0.*Angie absent for vote.

Residents Open Forum:

Resident 1:  Jeremy Wallace brought concerns about camper on Yosemite. Voiced it’s an “eye sore”, and against codes. Jennifer voiced that it is being dealt with. She shared that procedures are being taken, and everyone is aware. Jeremy asked about how procedures take place. It was explained that fines take place, and eventually a lien is placed on the property.

Resident 2: Ashley spoke as a resident. She feels that the entrances (especially Pawnee) looks terrible. She feels Superior is not doing their job. She feels that the time lapse in appropriate area care is causing more problems. Jennifer shared that the work can’t be done, without payment approval. Now that the money is approved it shouldn’t much longer for work to be complete. She also voiced a concern about the walking paths. Tree limbs down, not mowed properly, etc. Jennifer shared that she is in the process of finalizing the work being done. Jennifer shared a map of property lines when mowing boundaries between the common areas and residential areas. There were some issues between what Superior should be vs. what they are mowing.  To offer clear information Jennifer shared she would send a personal “friendly” letter to discuss this matter. It was shared that there is a belief that homeowners are throwing debris on walking path behind Hadden and Lark. Ashley asked Jennifer to contact homeowner on this matter as well. Ashley shared concern regarding the sign entrance at Pawnee. Jennifer will contact developer, Connie shared she did contact the developer already. Ashley asked to check homes about missing trees, and also non-running parked vehicles.

DRC Business:    None at this time.

Priority Business:

1.)    Additional Pool Chairs: Board voiced not sure if additional chairs are needed. Discussion will continue early spring. As a group we will look at what we have during spring clean-up and go from there. Connie said she discarded some chairs, and they were replaced when sales took place during off season. Mentioned covering up rust areas on current chairs during spring clean-up.

2.)    Adult Pool Hours/Pool: Suggestion was made to open early, but continue to have regular hours begin at 9. Ashley asked about resident need. It was brought up that the pool team might be cleaning during this time. Connie shared that the pool company said they had no issue with swimming while they clean, thus making early swimmers acceptable.  Connie shared that making adult swim hours is an easy key card update change.  Board decided they will make sure to put in bid to have pool team complete work before 9 when contract is renewed. Discussion was brought up about private pool parties. Kristin and Jalaynna brought up concern about it being closed to residents. Jennifer shared that all neighborhoods have a rental policy. Ashley shared that she likes the idea of being able to rent it to make it easier to have additional guests and also to ensure the time is suitable to the age group during a party. It was voiced to raise the fee to limit the rentals, also to increase deposit and also a cancellation fee. Keeping renting would possibly earn more income. Kip suggested tabling this conversation until next month.

3.)    Review Trash Blind Bids: Brandon Scott asked about bid specifics for this area. Jennifer drew an outline of where the blind would be located and the size needed. It was asked if there is really a need for a big trash bin. Possibly make a 3 side barrier with no gate using step stone pavers. Locate bin and barrier to the northeast corner of parking lot. Brandon Scott offered $450 to complete the job using metal poles instead of wood. Brad Ramey offered a bid of $475 to complete the job.

Motion made by Jalaynna for a 3 sided barrier with no gate using step stone pavers. Location of bin area will be the northeast section outside of basketball parking lot, closest to the walking path. Job to be completed by Brandon Scott cost of work not to exceed the bid of $475. Work to be completed as soon as possible. Motion seconded by Ashley. Motion passes 4-0. 2 voters abstain (Kristen and Connie) 1 voter absent (Angie)

4.)    Fall Cleanup: To be discussed next meeting so all board members can be present.

5.)    Future of Southern Ridge Website: Mike Welty will no longer serve as webmaster for our Southern Ridge website after December 2016. Board agrees to keep a webpage, but to make it supervisor friendly, and to be in template form. Jennifer will research website companies and share information in August. It was suggested to make sure there is an open forum available, but to have moderators.

6.)    Superior completed mulch work this past month. Irrigation and sprinkler system will begin next. Approximately, begin this week.

7.)    Signs for neighborhood notification ordered previously came in inaccurate. Jennifer shares she will ensure that boards are replaced at cost of manufacturer.

Old/Other Business:

1.)    Ice Cream Social: Vetoed, will be replaced with fall celebration. Discussion will take place at August meeting.

2.)    Doggy Bags: It was suggested to buy three dispensers with baggies that can be replaced with shopping plastic sacks.  Place one dispenser in the Far East side of walking path, no houses are built along this side of the pond. A second dispenser placed on the far west point on the smaller pond. A third dispenser located at the intersection of sidewalks closest to the small pond. Each dispenser costs $119.00 including pole and signs and one roll of bags.

Motion by Ashley to place 3 bag dispensing poles at locations mentioned above. Dispensers will be purchased through Dog Waste Depot. Total investment not to exceed $400 including taxes and shipping. Once approved by the board, Jennifer will take action on ordering. Motion seconded by Kip. Motion passes 5-0*Connie and Angie not present for vote.

3.)    Board approves reimbursement to Connie for trash removal in the amount of $25.

Next Month topics:

  • Pool topics for upcoming season. During September meeting have final decisions made for pool regulations for the 2017 season.
  • Fall party/celebration
  • Fall clean up.

Financial Review: Nothing at this time.

Adjournment: 8:39pm.

***Next meeting will be held at 6:30pm. On Monday, August 22, 2016 at HOA Management 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.***