Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Monday, August 22, 2016
Meeting Time: 6:30
Meeting Notes Recorded By: Jalaynna Beers

Call Meeting to Order:  Kip called the meeting to order at 6:37. With 4 members present. Kristin Scott joined us at 7:15. Angela Moss and Steve Richardson were absent.

Approval of July Minutes:  Kip motions to approve the minutes. Approval month was updated. Motion 2nd by Ashley. Motion passes 4-0.

Residents Open Forum:

Resident 1:  Resident came to discuss tree limb damage. Originally HOA trimmed the trees. When he requested assistance again, he was told HOA is not responsible. Connie explained the only trees the HOA are responsible for are the ones in the commons area. Resident has concern that there is no common walking area from Maize CT to the pool, ponds, etc. Resident stated he feels that he doesn’t have equal usage to commons area. It was explained that the HOA fees are in place to protect home appraisal. It was shared that he has equal access, it is just harder to get there. Ashley explained that HOA is in place to keep area nice, orderly, and neighbors in compliance. It was explained that the neighbors could sign a petition to get the sidewalk, but they would be financially responsible for placing the sidewalk. Connie added that they would have to file a sidewalk easement document to complete work.

Resident 2: Resident complained that common areas are not being kept up. Jennifer shared Superior could not mow due to lawn condition. The well was broken and that was the cause of extreme dead grass patches. Monthly check list was skipped by Superior due to well on Pawnee being broke. It was agreed by board to do repairs on the well. We will ask about adjusting sprinkler heads on Pawnee. Jennifer shared that Harp came out to inspect well and it was actually working, so repairs didn’t have to be done. Only the yard call was charged to the association.

DRC Business:  None at this time.

Priority Business:

1.)    Trash Contract: Jennifer shared upcoming contract that would begin September 2016. The old contract was 3 year contract. Waste Management rolled the rate back to $15.25 monthly. A new list of homes will be shared with Waste Management for house deals.

2.)    Newsletter: A current newsletter will be shared with residents along with annual meeting materials. The mailing will take place on or before September 16th. Newsletter will contain information about Waste Management.

3.)    Kristen motions annual meeting to be held on November 7th at Asbury Church at 7:00PM.  2nd by Connie. All in favor 5-0. Kristen will contact Asbury church management (Aaron Wallace) about holding meeting.

4.)    Pool safety latch: The latch is not broken, the gate is not closing properly. The “Can’t Slam” prevents gate from slamming, and closes gate securely. It was suggested to replace the gate system with the “Can’t Slam”. The conversation was shared that it won’t be worth the money to add the Can’t Slam, when we are going to look at replacing the entire system. Therefore nothing will be changed. Jennifer is going to check on other gate systems as well as a possible warranty with the current system.

5.)    Electrical issues at Pool: Bathroom lights are not shutting off. Electrical box needs a lock, Heidi will check on that.

6.)    Pool Chairs/shade: Jennifer shared that there are all kinds of shades that can be purchased for the pool area. A sail shade can be purchased on Amazon for approximately $100. Extra cost includes the poles being placed. Information was obtained from Noah’s Park. This company will do complete set up and installation. Jennifer will ask for bids about Modular shades. In off season we will look at purchasing additional cloth pool chairs to replace ones thrown away from wear and tare. The ones Connie found were at Menards.

7.)    Pool Rental: It was shared that the pool rental should be increased. It was also suggested to not rent it out for convenience and wear and tear.  It was motioned by Kristen to not rent out pool next season, it was seconded by Connie. Vote is passed 4-1.  The community pool will no longer be rentable beginning summer 2017.

8.)    Commons area on neighborhood sidewalks: Jennifer will get bids to clean up trees/bushes for overhangs and damage. The sidewalks are located on Westgate/Lark, Hadden/Lark, and south end of big pond. We will ask John Voth for a bid, and Jennifer will secure a 2nd and 3rd bid. Jalaynna motions to review all bids for this matter at the September meeting, where a decision will be made and action executed as soon as possible after decision. 2nd by Connie. Vote passes 4-1.

9.)    Pool Swim Time: It was motioned by Kristen to expend open swim time from 7AM-10PM beginning summer 2017.  Seconded by Jalaynna vote passed 5-0.

10.)  It was motioned by Kip to close the pool on Sunday, September 12. Seconded by Ashley. Approved 5-0

11.) Fall Cleanup Agenda: Pick up trash, paint signs around the ponds, mount the doggy stations, wash monuments, move sand in play area to clean it. It was motioned by Connie to hold clean-up day on October 15th at 9AM. 2nd by Kristin, vote passes 5-0.

12.) Southern Ridge Website: Tabled until September

13.) Neighborhood Fall Festival: Activities will include, pumpkin painting (BYOP) we will provide paint and brushes, bobbing for apples, corn hole, show movie, trunk or treat—Kristin will provide high school entertainment for the trunks. Event will be Sunday, October 30th from 5-7. This plan is motioned by Jalaynna, seconded by Ashley, passed 5-0.

Old/Other Business: None

Next Month topics:

  • Website:
  • Tree Trimming
  • Finalize fall clean-up & Party
  • Pre-Plan for annual meeting
  • Financial Review:

Adjournment: 8:34

***Next meeting will be held at 6:30pm. On Monday, September 26, 2016 at HOA Management 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita, Ks.**