Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Location: HOA Management – 900 N Tyler Suite 7 Wichita KS
Meeting Date: Tuesday May 26th 2015
Meeting Time: 7:00 P.M.

Call Meeting to order 7:06pm

Approval of minutes: Approved 3-0

Residents Open Forum –

Officer Reports:

  • President- Discussed Resident issues on Prescott
  • Treasurer – Nate was absent
  • Secretary – Updated website for new pool fees/deposits, posted missing minutes & agendas

Committee Reports:

  • DRC Committee- Approved paint for one resident, fence for house on lark/pawnee/atlanta
  • Pool/Maintenance Committee – n/a
  • Neighborhood Watch Committee – n/a
  • Welcome / Social Committee – n/a

Old Business:

  • Security System Update/pool key update– security will be finished tomorrow morning
  • $3000 for pool key system upgrade: Due to the urgent need for a new gate key system, motion to accept Streamline bid for a pool key system not to exceed $3000: Approved 3-0
  • Internet – bid from AT&T $149 install/ $149 mo. Waiting on cox
  • Rip Rap bids – 1 from Twin rivers: $36,340 for big bond, $24,500 / waiting
  • Social – reschedule date – June 27th NEW pool keys
  • Aquasizers – find out about pool temp, possibly increase temp
  • Tree Removal- removed
  • Covenant Changes – rental etc. / Legal
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale – set for June 11, 12, 13th
  • Spring Clean Up Day – June 20th.
  • Signs – Motion to spend $300 on new area signs: Approved 3-0
  • Playground / Picnic Tables – need landscaping plan for new equipment

New Business:

  • Sprinkler System Repairs-Lukens will let us know the weekend of the 6th to 8th the status of the sprinkler zones behind the houses on Lark
  • -re-mulch monuments/pool house-Lukens will give an estimate to re-mulch in the next few days
  • -Sprinklers between Prescott Cir. and Prescott St. have low pressure – Lukens will look into it and let us know by the 8th.
  • -pond spray was completed, but not in the water – need sub-contractor w/ aquatic license
  • -walks need trees trimmed Lukens will trim trees on north end of Lark walkway commons, spring clean up will address other trees/areas
  • -area behind fence at 2509 s. Westgate
  • Late Fees – Motion to waive late fee if paid by end of May Approved (2-1)
  • Newsletter Articles – will be done door to door, and will not be included in next bill, will look into a printing company for printing them.

Schedule meeting date(s): June 22nd 6:30
Schedule meeting location(s):HOA Management
Adjournment: Adjourn 9:00pm