Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Monday November 3, 2014
HOA Management Services
900 N Tyler Suite 7
Wichita KS 67212

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.

Board Member Attendees: Ashley Schrader, Connie Clary Board Member Late Arrival: Jeff Horschel at 7:00

Board Members not present: Nate Schwiethale, Gary Balthazor

Management Company in attendance: Rodney Wright and Heather Doroteo  DRC member in attendance: Joe Clary  Visitor in attendance: Jeremy from Suburban Landscaping Management (SLM)

Recorder of minutes assigned to Connie Clary

Minutes dated 9/2/14 was motioned for approval by Ashley and 2nd by Connie. Motion approved 2-0.

Discussed weed spraying of the lakes with Jeremy. Jeremy indicated that the lakes were sprayed on 7/23/14. Request that dead weeds be addressed. He indicated that he could have someone cut them down with the next mowing service. Also request was made for SLM to provide a bid to have a regular spraying of the weeds starting spring of 2015.

Flooding problem on sidewalk between Prescott and Fieldcrest. The north end swill fix appears to have worked. Bid was provided by SLM to continue the drainage problems further South on the sidewalk. The bid was for $1361.99. It was motioned to accept the service bid by Ashley and 2nd by Connie. Motioned approved 2-0.

Flooding problem in common area at Hadden and Westgate. A bid for $3125.00 was provided by SLM. The bid only covered possible drainage issue by adding dirt to get the water to flow to the lake. Improvements to the property were not included. Heather was able to get a copy of the master drainage plan. Copy was provided to Jeremy. Heather is to provide board members a copy. Vote was deferred until later so that further review of the area can be done.

Flooding problem next to the playground. Jeremy is to provide a suggested solution and bid for drainage improvement.

Flooding on the south end of the sidewalk around the small lake. Jeremy is to check the area to determine what the issue is and report to us his findings.

Landscaping issue of around lakes. His suggestion was to add rip rap and over seed the area. We have opened it up to accept bids for this improvement starting with the area around the small lake.

Irrigation/sprinkler system around monuments. Jeremy submitted a bid of $1080.00. Work will replace the bottom section of sprinkler system heads from a current 4 inch to 8 inch on both monuments located on Maize Road. Jeremy suggested waiting to replace the bottom portion on Pawnee after landscaping has been addressed. This bid also includes adding a string of sprinklers to the top section of all three monuments. This bid was motioned for approval by Ashley and 2nd by Connie. Motion approved 2-0.

Irrigation problem on Pawnee, house east of the Lark entrance. It appears to be a possible sump pump issue that may need to be addressed with the homeowner.

Irrigation/sprinkler problem with the common area sidewalk located between Lark and Westgate. Jeremy indicated that the he does not think this is currently working and has not been working for some time because the line at some point may have been cut. It is uncertain when the cut occurred and where the cut is located. He will try to contact APEX to see if they had the schematic of the Southern Ridge sprinkler system. He will continue investigating the situation and report back to us with his findings.

Request SLM to review condition of sprinkler box located on the west side on Lark entrance. Box may have been damaged prior to Spring of 2013 and has not been repaired. Jeremy will inspect and report back to the board.

Evergreen tree issues. Concerns regarding a couple of evergreen trees around the lakes. There are needles on the tree that have changed in color and large number has dropped from the tree. Jeremy assured us that the trees located around the lakes do not have signs of disease. These trees needles will seasonally change color and drop. He indicated that the trees were sprayed in the spring. We paid extra for the treatment in this area around the lakes. Our contract covers annual spraying of trees located on Pawnee and Maize, but does not cover around the lakes. Jeremy will provide us with a contract bid for annual treatment of the evergreen trees in the lake area.

Jeremy has requested opportunity to attend future board meetings. To improve communication between SLM and the association, we agreed to the open invite to discuss various issues with the associations landscaping.

2015 budget items were discussed. Some changes were made. Heather will send a revised 2015 for further review. 2015 budget final review and approval will be addressed in the next board meeting.

Pool contract. Pool contract expires end of pool season 2015. Discussion was made to review the current agreed upon number of days of service and if any changes can be made to the contract. Heather is to research contract and update the board with findings.

Committee Reports:
DRC Committee – nothing was reported
Pool/Maintenance Committee – nothing was reported.
Neighborhood Watch Committee – Connie reported that Joe Clary and Rick Burger put up the Neighborhood Watch sign in the monument area on Lark.
Welcome/Social Committee – Connie reported that cards and letter have been distributed to 8 of the 11 new residents that have moved into the neighborhood between 8/20/14 through 10/8/14. Copy of the welcome letter was passed out for review. Correction to the facebook address and the management company name was requested.

Security system bids were reviewed along with one pool key bid. Rodney was able to provide an internet feed via smart phone as an example of a current HOA active security system. This item was tabled until next meeting for further discussion.

Pool pump repairs. Three bids for the plumbing problem under the pool house were received. The bid for $309.00 from Pool Crew was approved via email 5-0. Repairs are in process.

Basketball court line placement reusable stencil purchase for the approximate amount of $135.00 request via email was approved 3-0-2 on 10/2/14. Lines have been installed by Gary and Gart Prentice.

Discussed request for outside legal counsel to amend covenants. Information regarding home rental restrictions was provided to the board by Rodney. Rodney is to review covenant change request that have been submitted and will respond back his findings. Vote on these items have been deferred until further information can be provided.

Review collection procedure for past due accounts. Heather is to provide us with a copy of the current and suggested collection action on past due accounts. Rodney made it clear that they do make an effort to work with the homeowner as far as payment arrangements. Workout payments would be in the best interest of all parties. However if homeowner does not respond, other actions should be taken to collect on the account. Discussion was made regarding two specific collection accounts currently being handled by Martin Pringle. Motion was made by Ashley to proceed with judgment on two specific accounts and was 2nd by Jeff. Motion approved 3-0.

Playground Equipment. Request was made to purchase playground equipment of up to $10,000.00. Discussion was made on possible items to purchase, where it would be placed and who would install it. Discussion was made on other improvements that might need higher priority. Discussion was made to delay for further review. Motion was made by Ashley to approve budget for up to $10,000 for the purchase of the equipment. No 2nd was made.

Next quarterly dues will be due in January and billing should go out by the first of December. Discussion was made of what items to include in the newsletter. In addition to a social planning, pool term changes, request for Pool Key number by homeowners, Heather will send some suggested fill in items.

Meeting was adjourned prior to schedule next meeting date, location and agenda, at 9:00 pm.