Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 7pm
May 19th, 2014
Blues Brother’s Realty

Call to Order: 7:04pm

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)

Reports of the Officers
Reports of the President

  • Monuments look good. City approved sidewalks south of Pawnee along Maize.

Reports of the Treasurer

  • Financials are in good shape for upcoming expenses.

Reports of the Secretary

  • Nothing to report. Improvement on timely release of agenda is requested.

Reports of the Committee
DRC Committee

  • Discussion of 30 day time limit regarding submission and approval of requests.
  • Discussion of fences and need to get the covenants and information out to new residents.

Maintenance Committee

Neighborhood Watch Committee

  • No one has signed up or asked. Sign-up sheet at October meeting.

Welcome Committee

Old Business

  • Fine Schedule/covenant enforcement
  • Nate motions to rescind the fine schedule outlined the previous month. (3-1) Approved
  • Nate motions the following fine schedule:
  1. Continue to send notices to encourage complete compliance to covenants.
  2. Fine for violation for grass non-compliance $25 first offense increasing to $50 every two week for continuing offense.
  3. Fine for covenant non-compliance other than landscaping is $25 first offense increasing to $50 every two weeks for continuing offense.
  • Passes (4-0)

Pool items:

  • Security System: tabled for more information.
  • Follow up on Heater/electrical: electrical may be done. Aquasizers is coming to plumb the heater. Nate will seed the upturned soil related to the electrical work.
  • Siding: Tabled until next month.

Opening and Closing of Pool:

  • Jeff will close for now.
  • Nate motions to negotiate with Aquasizers to add cleaning when they open for a fixed price and to have them provide a contract to that effect. If Aquasizers, declines, we approve to pay them their contract and any additional cleaning fees. Passes 4-0

New Business

  • Resignation of Gary Balthazor Board accepts 3-1
  • Irrigation Issues – Tabled for bids on drip lines for the entry monuments. Discussion of other zones not running/running too long.

Next Meeting-Monday June 23rd @ 6:30pm
Adjourn: 10:08