Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 8-4-2014

Call to Order: 6:33
Approval of minutes done electronically
Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)
Reports of the Officers
Reports of the President

  • Lisa Resignation: Accepted 3-0. Ashley will be acting president until October meeting. 3 new mechanical keys for the pool have been purchased
  • HOA newsletter- A newsletter with a schedule of the coming quarter will be produced and included with the bill mailing.

Reports of the Treasurer

  • Pool heater added additional ~$585 to our regular electrical bill. According to feedback we’ve received, residents are appreciative of having the heater. Since it will only run for 3 months out of the year. We will keep it running.
  • Nate motions to put up a $100 reward that leads to an arrest in vandalism to monument lighting: motion passes 3-0 *Reward offer will be posted to Facebook and website.

Reports of the Secretary
Reports of the Committee
DRC Committee –
Maintenance Committee
Neighborhood Watch Committee
Welcome Committee – need quicker notification of new residents.

Old Business

  • Neighborhood Watch sign for Lark entrance (update, if any): Sign is purchased. Need a post.
  • Security System (update on bids, if any): 2 new updated bids. Waiting on a 3rd. Will decide by next meeting.
  • Drainage and flooded areas (update, if any): SLM bids to fix standing water area between Fieldcrest and Prescott. Bid is ~$700. Ashley motions to accept SLM bid to fix the drainage issue and to fix the resident’s fence (according to the covenants must leave gap on drainage easement). Motion passes 3-0.
  • City engineer has been contacted for empty lot near pool to address drainage and development.
  • Irrigation of monuments (update, if any) – SLM is working on bid.
  • Weed spraying around ponds (update, if any)-done. Being sprayed.

New Business

  • Resignation of Lisa Macy – see above under Report of the President (Ashely acting)
  • Appointment of Gary Balthazor – Nate motions to appoint Gary to fill vacancy on board until next election: 3-0. Gary accepts.
  • Appointment of Connie Clary– Ashley motions to appoint Connie to fill vacancy on board until next election: 4-0. Connie accepts.
  • Pool Keys – Doug purchased 25 new keys and replaced the damaged lock controller. Will work with siding contractor to cover cost of replacement. Discussed keys for new residents, and functionality of keys.
  • Playground – Proposes to create a budget to improve the play area. Slide, jungle gym, shade. Shoot for $8000.
  • Budget- updated Aquasizers contract expenses, electrical costs (associated with heater), website fees,
  • Pending bids – addressed with the irrigation and security.
  • Checklist for HOA Management – Austin will coordinate action items with board.
  • Pool closing date – September 9th.

Next Meeting – September 2nd, @ 7pm. Blubaugh offices.
Adjourn: 8:25