Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 7 pm
April 14th, 2014
Blues Brothers Realty Office

Call to Order 7:03 pm

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)

Mrs. Clary: stump was not removed from Lark entrance with the tree, but has been ground down to ground level. We will follow up with the company that did the work. Approximately 20 sidewalks have cracked/buckled, is there budget to fix? We will prioritize based on severity and get bids for repairs. Picnic table is broken-can we replace them with ones that match the benches? Gary will shop for some. Vacant lot near pool: is it possible to put in a sand volley ball court? Drainage plan follow up. Flooding near Fieldcrest. Dead landscaping on Greenfield needs attention – landscaping budget will include all entrance monuments.

Reports of the Officers

Reports of the President

  • Agendas and minutes need more prompt approvals.
  • Keys for pool were distributed to all board members.

Reports of the Treasurer

  • 11 liens were filed.
  • Financials look good.

Reports of the Secretary

Reports of the Committee

DRC Committee

  • approved 4 fences, 1 more came in for approval today. Gart has resigned from DRC.

Maintenance Committee

  • Yard of the Month in May, June, July, August, $25 gift card to Lowes.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

  • trying to get more involvement. Signup sheet at Annual Meeting.

Welcome Committee

  • Will be visiting and distributing welcome cards to new residents.

Old Business

  • Review of Collections and Liens on properties with HOA Management –
  • Covenant Enforcement – Fine schedule:


  • Trees: Residents must have two trees.
  • Motion to accept fine schedule: Passes 3-2

Follow up on Bike racks

  • paid for, waiting for shipment

Update on Suburban and sprinkler startup/repairs

  • start up on Friday.
  • Lark entrance landscaping (pending sprinklers)
  • Ashley motions to shop for monument item for Lark entrance with $300 (budget is now $800): Passes 5-0

Pool items:

  • Security System: Still waiting for bids, item tabled until May.
  • Heater: When getting bids for the heater installation, it was discovered that the electrical for pool pump is out of compliance with electrical code and needs to be fixed. The board will look at getting it repaired and recouping the costs from the original builder (if it wasn’t wired per code when it was built.) The board will examine all avenues to have this problem resolved by pool opening. Motion to bring wiring up to code (with light installation) ASAP: passes 5-0  Motion to add heater to the pool not to exceed $1500: passes 4-1
  • Siding: Still waiting for bids. Tabled until May.

New Business

Pool responsibilities for 2014 season

  • Gary will do the pool, and will call any of the board members for occasional help.

Spring Clean Up

  • May 10th, 9am. Everyone send suggestions for work to be done to Ashley.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

  • May 15th, 16th, 17th

Next Meeting May 19th, 7 pm.
Adjourn 8:40 pm