Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting

Meeting Date:
September 23, 2013

Call to Order

All members present
Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)
-No residents present

Reports of the Officers
Reports of the President
-Annual meeting will be held at: FOP police lodge 477 N Seneca (Park on 3rd off of Seneca) @ 7pm October 15th.
-Lien on residential property
-Wrinkles in pool not due to installation, or concrete, etc. per 3 different pool companies. It’s due to location, rain, and groundwater.

Reports of the Treasurer
-Received financial report and account balances from OMNI
-Official audit is too expensive for HOA’s. “Compilation” is an option however.

Reports of the Secretary

Reports of the Committee
DRC Committee
-Resident new fence, needs to submit a change request

Maintenance Committee
-Entry lights need repair
-Exterior light on pool house, will be installed soon

Neighborhood Watch Committee
-no report

Welcome Committee
-no report

Old Business
1) Siding on Pool house
Maintenance free siding (vinyl includes power washing of pool deck and walkway) $6949.43
David Loose and OMNI will get more bids for siding work

2) Fall Clean up
Saturday October 19th, 9am to end
OMNI will mail it, Lisa will put it on website
Everyone send suggestions for work to be done to Lisa (Plants)
Quote for a Bobcat for an hour to move sand in the play area

3) Bike Rack
Table until October meeting

4) Entry Lights
Nate covered

New Business
1) HOA dues increase documentation
-Gather information for documentation for covenant changes:
Dues increase to $350
Board member exempt
Option to pay dues quarterly
Jeff will draft proposed changes for next meeting

2) Covenant amendments update
See item 1 of New Business

3) Financial reports/audit/account balances
Per resident’s request, the treasurer is available to go over account balancing. Contact Nate Schwiethale

4) Sidewalk flooding west of pool and east of Prescott
Requires significant financial investment to repair. Board will investigate

5) Budget approval
Done. (ref. Nov 2012 minutes)

6) Deeded sidewalks need construction
Addressing two sidewalk issues. If there are any other issues please notify board members.

7) Empty lot needs seeding and maintenance
Suburban is seeding Prescott, and around the pond. For the area near pool, see item 4. Board will consider spending money on grass when the lot is level and drainage is managed.

8) Security cameras on pool
Tabled until spring

9) Fine schedule for covenant violations
Tabled until Board decides on Management Company. OMNI will work on finding fine schedule from previous minutes.

10) Mowing of Vacant Lots
Lots have been mowed.

11) HOA Management
Lisa will obtain contract from HOA Management.

12) Cleaning of sidewalk around pond
Austin cleaned.

13) Tree removal on Maize Ct.
Suburban quoted $400 to remove trees. Board moves to accept suburban quote and remove trees.

Next Meeting
October, 15th 7pm.

8:07 pm.