Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Annual Meeting
Meeting Date:  10-15-2013

Board Members:

  • Lisa Macy – President, in attendance
  • Nate Schwiethale – Vice President & Treasurer, in attendance
  • Jeff Horschel – Secretary, in attendance
  • David Loose – Member at large, in attendance
  • Ashley Schrader – Member at large, in attendance
  • Gary Balthazor – Member at large, absent due to sickness

Call to Order @ 7:01 PM

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)

  • Connie Clary voiced concerns regarding multiple items, including: financials, communication with Board members, Common areas development and cleanliness, pool reservations, Dues amounts, trash service, covenant enforcement, fines, and scheduling of board meetings.
  • Reviewed obtaining a “compilation” to check/address finance concerns of HOA members.
  • Banner sign for builder on Pawnee is in need of attention.
  • Covenant violation enforcement – this was discussed extensively as it pertains to our relationship with OMNI and it is contractually their responsibility. However, the board at this time is considering letting our current contract with OMNI expire, and renewing with HOA Management as a means of improving this issue.
  • Tree and Road on Yosemite entrance needs attention
  • Mike Pochek introduced himself and has offered to act a liason since he’s on the District advisory board with Jeff Blubaugh, which can take issues from HOA’s and move them up to city level when necessary.

Reports of the Officers

Reports of the President

  • Summarized the past year, and laid outline for coming year.

Reports of the Treasurer

  • Emphasized that, for anyone interested, he will go over the HOA finances.

Reports of the Secretary

  • Emphasized that, for anyone interested, he will go over the HOA minutes/agendas. Took feedback to improve level of detail in minutes.

Reports of the Committee

DRC Committee

  • Husky Fence (issue resolved)
  • Fence brought up by Clary’s (Clary’s will provide address) and the board will follow up with resident in question.
  • Portable Basketball hoops – can be in front yards, but cannot be left out. Is okay to be in backyards. This is also a covenant enforcement issue.

Maintenance Committee

  • Wrinkles in pool- Lisa reported the findings of three different companies as to the cause of wrinkles. They are purely related to the location of the pool, ground water and drainage. They are not a result of the quality of the pool liner (which is the best we could have gotten).
  • Discussion of compromise on Pool Reservations
  • Discussion of trespassing of pool from neighboring residents

Neighborhood Watch Committee

  • nothing brought before the board

Welcome Committee

  • nothing brought before the board

Old Business

Siding on pool

  • Material choices for siding (concrete, smart lap, masonite, vinyl) Discussion led to choosing concrete siding, as it is resistant to weathering elements and sprinklers (which is why we’re looking into re-siding the pool house in the first place). David will continue pursuing the re-siding using concrete siding.

Bike Rack

  • Tabled for next month because Gary was not in attendance due to sickness.

Sidewalk flooding

  • Need grading to get proper draining before we spend money to develop the common area

HOA due increase documentation

  • We have no minutes from prior to when the current board was elected (October 2012). Therefore we have no record of when the HOA dues were increased from $300 a year to $350 a year. The board acknowledges Connie Clary’s concerns and recognizes that the covenants should be updated to reflect the current dues. This however, is a responsibility of our HOA management company. Due to the possibility of switching to HOA Management from OMNI, the board will hold to take care of this until the issue of our management company is resolved.

HOA Management contract

  • Members and board discussed the option to either renew our contract with OMNI, or to pursue another HOA management company, “HOA Management”.
  • Nate motions to add that a compilation be obtained before the move to HOA Management (Lisa seconds)
  • Lisa motions to accept the HOA management as our management company contingent upon obtaining a compilation on our current finance situation. (Board votes in favor-passed)
  • Jeff will work with Lisa to ensure the future of our website.

Agenda and meeting notices:

  • Jeff Horschel (SRHOA Secretary) will email those that contact him to be notified.
  • Agendas will be posted to website in pdf form.

New Business

Long term and short term plans


Long term:

  • Take care of the flooding problem west of the pool

Short Term:

  • Power wash slippery sidewalk
  • Review Suburban and Aquasizers contract to hold them accountability


  • Clean up days and block parties, more community


  • Wash monument
  • New meeting signs
  • Irrigation on Pawnee

Election of new board members

Current board as presently constituted was re-elected

Next Meeting
November 19th, 7 pm
Blues Realty
10300 W. Maple
Wichita, KS 67209

Adjourn @9:02 pm