Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: November 19, 2013

 Board Members:

  • Lisa Macy
  • Nate Schwiethale
  • Jeff Horschel
  • David Loose – Absent due to sickness
  • Ashley Schrader
  • Gary Balthazor

Call to Order: 7:00pm

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)

  • Joseph Clary: waived reimbursement money

Reports of the Officers

Reports of the President

  •  A resident wants hand rail for home. Resident was instructed to go online and submit a structural change.

Reports of the Treasurer

  •  Compilation update. Working through challenges with change in HOA management company. Only a discrepancy of about $600-$700 as of yet, details to come as the compilation is worked. Nate will continue working with the CPA to finalize the compilation, and will report back next month.

Reports of the Secretary

Reports of the Committee

DRC Committee – items to be covered later on the agenda

Maintenance Committee – items to be covered later on the agenda

  •  Lid on irrigation system near small pond is missing and needs to be replaced. All lids need to be checked.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

  •  Nate will get a quote for an additional street lights.
  • Discussion about speeding in neighborhood

Welcome Committee – Board will be notified by HOA Management of new residents.

Old Business

  • Sidewalk and Monuments cleaned – Cleaned on cleaning day. Text will still need to be re-painted.
  • Irrigation on Pawnee- System is done.
  • New signs for meetings – $160 for garage sale banners, $75 for dry erase signs for meetings. Motion to purchase 3 annual dry erase meeting signs @ $75 ea., a $75 yard of the month sign, and 2 garage sale banners (3’ by 10’) @ max. $250 ea. from “Signs and Designs” and stored with HOA Management – (motion passes 5-0)
  • Siding – quote is $2739.80 from Sunflower State Exteriors, paint not included. Tabled until January in order to get two more quotes.
  • Bike Rack – Gary will bring pictures for the next meeting. Tabled until January.
  • Flooding West of Pool – Quote from Suburban, to trench, and drain, $11,410. For trenching and no installation of drains (board would install) ~$4000. Need an additional bid for this item. Will also pursue bids for repairing the cracked sidewalk just north of the pool, near the bench.
  • Fence – 2518 Fieldcrest, ACR was not submitted to DRC. In process of working with resident to get an ACR. 10902 W Hadden. Hoa will continue to enforce covenants working with HOA management.

New Business

Elect new Officers

  •  Gary motions for:
  • Lisa Macy as President,
  • Ashley Schrader as VP,
  • Nate Schwiethale as Treasurer,
  • Jeff Horschel as secretary,
  • David Loose as Member at Large
  • Gary Balthazor as Member at Large
  • Don Macy as DRC Chair
  • DRC Members are:
    • Don Macy
    • Joe Clary
    • Gart Prentice
  • Nate seconds, Motion Passes (5-0)
  • Missed HOA Dues by Omni
    • We will not bill for 1st quarter 2013, because residents would have paid for 6 months in October of 2012.
  • Website
    • Invoice $175. WE OWN OUR DOMAIN. If our webmaster, leaves, our website domain can and will be moved. -$50/year for domain registration. $125 goes to our webmaster. His name is as the admin because board members change.
    • Motion for us to keep our website @ $175/year, and add HOA Management web access for residents at an additional $40/month with link from SRHOA website. Gary 2nds. Motion passes (5-0)
  • Review Contracts
    • Tabled for board to review contracts.
  • Video Record Meetings
    • No.
  • 2014 Budget
    • Updated budget will be sent out and approved electronically.

Next Meeting – January 7th 2014.
Adjourn – 9:05pm