Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/09/2013
7:30 PM

Call to Order
Approval of minutes done electronically
Residents Open Forum ( a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.) (no residents present and nothing presented)

Reports of the Officers

  • Reports of the President (this is a special meeting, called due to resignation of Tracy Giddens, next meeting end of May or beginning of June)
  • Reports of the Treasurer (Got access to CAB-still working with OMNI to straighten out, access to Fidelity via debit card – up to $250 without board approval, send receipts to Katelyn)
  • Reports of the Secretary (Nothing to report)

Reports of the Committee

  • DRC Committee (is working to approve several items, approved, copies of emails are being retained with OMNI, and DRC Head-Dawn Macy)
  • Maintenance Committee ( Lisa, Nate, Gary – call before you dig for benches-black marks good to install benches. Pool will be uncovered Wednesday 15th of May 2013.)
  • Neighborhood Watch Committee (nothing to report)
  • Welcome Committee (nothing to report)

Old Business

  • Resignation of Tracy Giddens – Nate motioned to approve resignation, Ashley seconds (approved 5-1, Gary Dissenting via proxy) Jeff motion Lisa to assume president, Ashley seconds-(approved 5-0). (Lisa not voting)
  • Positions of Officers on the Board (Lisa nominates Nate as VP, Ashley seconds –Nate nominated David Loose – Nate voted on as VP 5-0)
  • Tree Removal Bids – Nate motions to use suburban, Ashley seconds (approved 5-0)
  • Omni Contract – Board requests contract from Omni.
  • Collections and Delinquent Accounts – Katelyn will filter the list down to 2 lists: those who missed the last $87.50, and those who owe more. Board decides who needs to be collected from. Board notifies Katelyn. Katelyn notifies attorneys to collect. When Board gets new list, we will make a decision at next meeting who needs to be collected from. Nate motions to get attorneys involved @ $500 David seconds (approved 5-0).
  • Token and CAB Access (covered, see Treasurer Comments above)
  • New DRC Members (nothing)
  • Yard of the Month (sign in Monday. $20 gift card Lowes- Board not eligible)
  • Dip at Yosemite (we must work with the City to rectify)

New Business

  • Swimming Pool Reservations – Nate motions to table and lock current reservations and not take any more until the board figure out what we’re going to do, Jeff seconds (approved 4-1 approved, Lisa dissenting)
  • Siding on the Pool House Ashley motions to get bids, second by David (approved 5-0)
  • Parking on the Streets (city issue)
  • Board Members HOA Dues Ashley motions to waive dues for board members, Jeff seconds (approved 5-0) Discussion to continue on when waiving of dues is to become effective.
  • Maize Ct. Issue (is part of SRHOA? Yes it is.)
  • Grill at Pool Commons (Tabled 4-0)
  • Playground Jeff motions to get bids for a slide, Ashley seconds (approved 4-0)
  • New Addition into HOA (they are apart of SRHOA)

As May Arise
Next Meeting Date TBD electronically
Adjourn Ashley motions to adjourn at 8:52 (adjourned 4-0)