Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: June 22, 2013

Call to Order 2:05pm
Not present Ashley, Gary (notified board electronically of his position on agenda items and voted by proxy due to work conflict), David

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.) Nobody present

Reports of the Officers
Reports of the President: Katelyn is no longer with Omni. Contact Niki until replacement. Pool and sprinkler area behind pool house: need to figure out why it’s wet and get it fixed. In the process of working with Aquasizers and Suburban to determine the issue and fix it.

Reports of the Treasurer no info from Katelyn, working access issues with Omni for the CAB account.

Reports of the Secretary

Reports of the Committee
DRC Committee: nothing of note.

Maintenance Committee: See pool notes. Yard of the month for June/July:10505 Dallas Cir gets a $25 gift card from Lowe’s

Neighborhood Watch Committee: Vandalism and curfew violations have been reported to the police and city. An increased or police presence has been noted by many residents.

Welcome Committee: nothing of note

Old Business

  • Swimming Pool Reservations Motion by Lisa to keep current pool reservations and current reservation rules, but limit future (meaning next season starting 5/2014) reservations to only Saturdays from 6-8 for a price of $10 per hour.—passes 4-0
  • Omni Contract Lisa just got it Wednesday (6-19-2013). It is still under review by the board.
  • Collections & Delinquent Accounts Motion to table to next month until we get more information from Nikki at Omni. Passes (3-0)
  • Bids on Siding Motion to table issue. Passed (3-0)
  • Bids on Slide Motion to table issue. Currently have no bids. Passed (3-0)
  • Grill in Commons Motion to table issue. Passed (3-0)

New Business

  • Entry Way Lisa is getting bids for power washing entry way monuments.
  • Working with insurance of driver that did the damage on the Yosemite entrance.
  • Sprinklers on Pawnee Board will obtain more bids for installing sprinklers between Lark and Maize along Pawnee.
  • Issue: Repair to sprinkler system along the west side from Lark on Pawnee. Lisa motions to go with suburban bid to repair sprinklers west of Lark along Pawnee -passed (4-0)
  • Pool Keys Issue is being resolved.
  • Security System for Pool Motion to table passed (3-0)
  • Security Light for Pool Motion to buy light passed (4-0)

Next Meeting next meeting will be scheduled electronically
Adjourn 3:13pm