Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 01/13/2013
6:00 PM

Members present-Tracy, Lisa, Nate, and Gary were present, and Ashley arrived at 6:15 PM.   Greg Mudd represented Omni and SRHOA resident Joe Chary was also in attendance,

  1. Call to Order(Tracy called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM)
  2. Approval of Minutes from12/09/13/2012 (Board Meeting)-Gary motioned to approve the Dec. minutes-2nd by Lisa.  Motion carried 4-0.
  3. Approval of Agenda-Lisa motioned to approve the Jan. 13 agenda-2nd by Nate.  Motion carried 4-0.
  4. Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak concerns, comments that are not on the agenda.  Please keep this to 2 minutes per resident household.) No residents asked to speak.

New Business

  1. Gift card for goal-Discussion was held about providing two $50.00 gift cards for the residents that helped assemble and install the basketball goal.  Motion by Gary to provide 2-$50.00 VISA gift cards-2nd by Lisa-Motion carried 4-0.
  2. Collections Update-Now that the October dues date is close to 90 days, we ask that Omni send letters to those who haven’t paid with a 30 day window to pay or legal action will take place.  Jennifer, please get this process started.
  3. West Lake issues-Decision was made to wait and see what a good rain brings before we contact J Russell.  The discussion also included to wait and see what happens when Mr. Russell starts building his next additions west of the lake.

Old Business

  1. Park Benches (Gary)-This was tabled from the December meeting.  Gary reported he had found some lower priced benches, and would be willing to make a motion  to purchase them later in the spring.  Reminder was made that Eagle Scouts would be willing to install as part of their Eagle project.
  2. Omni Communication-you should have all received the responses I got to the ?’s
  3. Sidewalk-This is in regards to the west lake sidewalk repair and was part of the J Russell discussion.
  4. Trash-SRHOA would like to have three bids from Omni by the February meeting.  The board will choose a bid and have the entire community vote on the bid at our April full membership meeting.
  5. Committees-Ashley motioned to change the December approved $50.00 gift basket for new residents to $25.00-there was no 2nd motion so the amount will stay at $50.00 for the present time.
  6. CAB-All issues with how this bank operates were discussed, and consensus was met that all board members are now satisfied with the  process.
  7. Inspection reports-The latest inspection was report was reviewed.  Board expressed concerns that we haven’t seen an inspection report since October.  Discussion was held as to how we would handle landscaping violations from the notices that were sent in the fall.  Greg said he would work with Jennifer to provide a list of who was notified to the board, and also work with Jennifer to send notices that previously notified members will be given a March 15 date for becoming compliant.
  8. Fidelity Bank Account-Discussion was held about who should be able to sign on this account. Board reached consensus that President and Treasurer should be the signing members of the board. This would be Tracy and Nate
  9. Next meeting Date-Monday, Feb. 11 at Gary’s house  7:00 PM

Adjourn-meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM