Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 02/17/2013
3:15 PM (Minutes)

  1. Call to Order –Meeting was called to order at 3:16 PM with all members except Ashley present.  Ashley arrived at 3:20 PM
  2. Approval of Minutes from 01/13/13 (Board Meeting) They were approved electronically
  3. Approval of Agenda-Motion by Lisa and 2nd by Jeff B.  Motion passed 6-0
  4. Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak concerns, comments that are not on the agenda.  Please keep this to 2 minutes per resident household.)
  5. Old Business
    1. Trash Bids (Waste Connections and Waste management)-motioned by Tracy and 2nd by Gary to table these bids until the March meeting.  Board was encouraged to review the bids and list pros and cons of each so we can make a sound decision in March.  Motion carried 7-0.  Discussion was held as to how we would educate our residents on the trash bids.  Several ideas were presented and a decision will be made in March.
    2. CAB-discussion was held to see if all previous problems were corrected by Omni.  Nate informed the board that he believed everything was in order in relation to our CAB account. Katelyn will ensure that all board members have electronic access to the account balances.  Nate will be the authority for paying expenses from this account. Nate nor any of the board has received the requested access to the account.  Katleyn will check on it and get back to us.
  6. New Business
    1. Inspection Reports-The board asked Katelyn to include any correspondence she uses when she reports a violation.  Discussion was held as to what-if any consequences could be placed on homeowners that do not clean up after their pets.
    2. Fidelity transfer ($12,000?)-Motioned by Nate and 2nd by Lisa to allow Katelyn to transfer money from the Fidelity account to CAB-leaving a balance of $5000 in the Fidelity account .  Motioned carried 7-0.  Motioned by Lisa and 2nd by Ashley to authorize Nate to work with Fidelity to obtain a Debit Card for purchases not to exceed $250.  These purchases would be for Welcome Committee gift cards or for fixing light fixtures in the entry ways.  Motion carried 7-0.
    3. Design Review Committee-HOA member sent a Design Review after he had installed basketball goal.  Discussion was held as to what the covenants say regarding goals in the front of houses.  It was decided that the committee would look to make sure the goal was in compliance with the covenants, and if it is, to approve it.
    4. Other items
  7. Next meeting date-The members of the board agreed that the next meeting of the SRHOA Board would be March 17 at 3:15 PM.  The meeting will be held at Keller-Williams Realty Building-located just east of Maize Road on Maple.
  8. Adjourn-motion by Lisa and 2nd by Gary to Adjourn at 4:37 PM.  Motion carried 7-0.