Southern Ridge Home Owners Association
Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 8/17/2013

Call to Order: 11:04am

Members not present:
David Loose notified board via email prior to meeting he would not be attending due to work

Approval of minutes done electronically

Residents Open Forum (a time for residents to speak, concerns, comments that are not on the agenda. Please keep this to 2 minutes.)

  • David and Trisha Caruthers (maize court) – dead tree needs removal 2537 S. Maize ct. Lisa has contacted suburban and they have looked at it. Waiting on them to hear back.
  • Connie Clary would like to see the following addressed by board:
    1) HOA dues increase documentation,
    2) Covenant amendments update,
    3) Financial reports/audit/account balances
    4) Sidewalk flooding west of pool and east of Prescott
    5) Budget approval
    6) Deeded sidewalks need construction
    7) Empty lot needs seeding and maintenance
    8) Security cameras on pool
    9) Fine schedule for covenant violations
    10) Maize court not deeded to us, need to determine whether or not it is a HOA responsibility,
  • Gart Prentice- Appreciates our efforts thus far. Financials clarification, audit. Need to get the financials understood.
    1) Trees by pool need to be cut down.
    2) Sidewalk at west end of west lake will need more attention.
    3) Garbage can on the paths near benches
    4) Follow up on covenant enforcement (fine schedule)
    5) Board Member accountability (attendance) at meetings
  • Jeff Blumbaugh- builder owned lots aren’t being mowed. City will mow and bill the builder. We’re compiling a list of lots to be taken care of.

Nate will investigate finding a CPA for an audit of Omni.

Reports of the Officers
Reports of the President

Reports of the Treasurer
Monthly updates from Niki have been worthwhile, accounts seem accurate, audit – no response. Nate will bring back options for CPA’s for a vote next meeting, or prior.

Reports of the Secretary

Reports of the Committee
DRC Committee
Nothing other than the Shed request was approved.

Maintenance Committee

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Welcome Committee
Ashley volunteered to lead this committee

Old Business
Lisa has an updated list, anyone $500 over goes to collections. Board approved this previously, and will be enforced. 10 people, amounts to about $9600 less Collection fees.

$3050, shipping $460, installation $1000
Will proceed to get more bids.

Entry Way
Fixed, lights aren’t working

Sprinklers East of Lark
Asked for two more bids, Suburban $3600, SSI $4200, 3rd Dimension $3100 Lisa will follow up on Suburban.

Security Light
Nate will follow up.

Security System
Motion to table until spring now that the pool season over-(approved 5-0)

New Business
Maize Court
Tree taken care of.
Maize court is part of Southern Ridge. It is on the plat map for our subdivision.

Bike Rack
Getting for 3 bids

DRC Committee Members
Gart volunteers. Motion to add Gart (approved 5-0)

Fall Cleanup

Next Meeting
Will be decided via email.

Adjourn 1:00pm.