Southern Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Greg Mudd –President, Tracy Giddens –Vice President, Gary Balthazor ––At Large, Faith Kite –At Large, Jeff Blubaugh – At Large,Lisa Macy-Lisa Macy

Meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM by Greg Mudd, President

Approval of Minutes from August 26 meeting: motioned by Gary, 2nd by Jeff-Approved 6-0

Approval of Agenda: motioned by Tracy, 2nd by Lisa-Approved 6-0

Residents Open Forum-it was moved to the end of the Agenda as per request by Greg Mudd –Greg introduced Board members to residents in attendance

Jenifer Wyant-discussed covenant violations, delinquent dues and that she had sent out 26 letters for violations-she has had 20 people respond with plans to correct violations.

Old Business-Greg discussed items relevant to the following

  1. West lake drainage
  2. Swimming Pool/Playground
  3. Swimming Pool Security
  4. Prescott Commons Upgrade
  5. Single trash service for the HOA –Motioned by Gary and 2nd by Lisa to table until more discussion can be held
  6. Collections and Financial Report-the budget was tabled until next board meeting
  7. Faith Kite raised major concerns about Greg’s role as President which in turn, Greg defended himself against all allegations and subsequently resigned as President.  Due to by-laws he must serve for 30 days until new board is determined.

New Business

  1. Architectural Change requests-much discussion was held pertaining to whether wells needed to be approved.  It is recommended that an Architectural Design Committee be established.
  2. Changing dues form Semi-Annual to Quarterly.  A vote of the residents decided that the next billing cycle would provide an opportunity for residents to pay either quarterly, bi-annually, or for the whole year at one time.  This needs to be finalized at the next meeting.
  3. Pawnee beautification/Lake Common Grass-Suburban will work in the spring seeding season to fix ruts around the lake, and Jennifer will contact Suburban to discuss mowing around the trees on Pawnee and damage it has been causing.
  4. SRHOA Board Elections-members that were interested in serving on the board were given an opportunity to speak to those in attendance to share their qualifications and reasons for wanting to serve on the board.  After all candidates had the opportunity to speak- a vote of all members present was taken with Jennifer Wyant serving as the election official who counted the votes.  The new board members include:  Jeff Blubaugh, Gary Balthazour, Lisa Macy, Tracy Giddens, Nate Schwiethale, Ashley Schrader, and Jeff Horschel

Additional Discussion

 Adjourned at 8:45 PM

 Minutes submitted by: Tracy Giddens 11/01/2012 at 2:00 PM