Southern Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Greg Mudd –President, Tracy Giddens –Vice President, Gary Balthazor – At Large, Lisa Macy –At Large, Faith Kite –At Large.
Board Members Unavailable: Jeff Blubaugh

Elected new officers

  • Tracy Giddens – President
  • Lisa Macy – Vice President
  • Jeff Herchel – Secetary
  • Nate Schwiethale – Treasure
  • Gary Balthzor – At large
  • Jeff Blubaugh – At large

Min from last meeting approved, and agenda approved

Decided to get bids from 3 different trash companies by next meeting to try and get whole community to one trash service

Lisa talked about watch signs and got the go ahead to put up 3 in the neighborhood

Lisa and Jeff Herchel, talked about taking over the web site

Talked about the committees

  • The DRC
  • Welcoming with Lisa
  • Neighborhood watch Lisa and Nate
  • Pool/ Lawn/ Maintenance Gary, Nate, and Lisa

Budget, Tabled till next meeting

Mowing bid, going over that next meeting comparing that Surban and Lukens “apples to apples”

Pool Contract approved a 3 year

Website, approved to pay and keep it

Faith, bricks reimbursement

Basketball goal, still trying to get the cement removed and get the new one in

J Russell Working on the drainage, then we need to fix the sidewalk, need bid for sidewalk

Tree Trimming, Gary and Tracy

Park Benches, Boy scouts put together, 1 by the play ground, 1 by the far east pond in the northeast corner,  1 in the northwest corner, 3 Total as of now, ( looking into the city benches) cost and putting down the 4×4 pad of cement

Quarterly dues – Oct to April 1st, Min $81.50 to Max pay all at once

CAB- Greg explain

Auto bill pay, Water, electric

Gary wants proof that bank is insured

Dismissed at 9:45pm