Southern Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Greg Mudd –President, Tracy Giddens –Vice President, Gary Balthazor – At Large, Lisa Macy –At Large, Faith Kite –At Large.
Board Members Unavailable: Jeff Blubaugh
Invited Guests: Brian Hoover, Community Manager of Elsea-Petty

Initial Meeting open to community input.  Approximately 15 residents attended the meeting.  Topics discussed were line items on the budget sheet, account balance, motorized vehicles (scooters/minibikes) ridden in the HOA Commons and neighboring streets, neighborhood watch programs, SRHOA Website usage, and a proposal to lower HOA fees.

Announcement made of 72 registered users onto the SRHOA website.  Encouraged those in attendance to continue to spread the word to get full signed on usage of all households in the SRHOA.

Distributed information about Neighborhood Watch Program and our community contact person is Officer Perkins.  Detailed a location for residents to learn more about NWP’s via their website, and requirements regarding setting up NWP’s by block locations and addresses, but that it is NOT something to be established by the SRHOA Board as an entire HOA/Community.

Community members thanked for their time and attendance, and dismissed for Board to continue on actions and vote on proposals

Board Proposals:

Action Proposed:  Lower HOA Fees from $350.00 annually to an amount of $300 or $325
Results:  Voted against 5-0-1

Action Proposed:  Who will pay for the NWP signage, at an estimated cost of $40.00 per sign (Signs are $25, Post and Quik-Crete approx. $15)
Results:  Voted 5-0-1 to approve the purchase of 3 signs, to be placed at the 3 main entrances off of Pawnee/23rd Street, and off of Maize Rd.

Action Proposed:  What to do with additional signage that may be desired in a given block/street in addition to the Main Entrances:
Results:  Voted 5-0-1 to table the discussion until the number of streets could be determined.  Also proposed that the Board recommend that any street wanting their own sign specific to their block be responsible for funding the cost, and that the SRHOA not be responsible for the additional costs of signage.

Action Proposed:  Install bike posts in an attempt to alleviate the use of motorized vehicles on the commons sidewalks.
Results:  Voted against 5-0-1

Action Proposed:  SRHOA purchase magnets to mail and allow residents to install them on a refrigerator or other area in their home, reminding them to go to the SRHOA Website for updated information
Results:  Voted against 4-1-1

Action Propsed:  Yard and Landscape plan for existing residents of more than 2 fall planting seasons versus residents with less than 2 fall planting seasons
Results:  Voted  4-1-1 to table the idea until is was more specific and in writing, the plan and processes for proposed action.

Action Proposed:  Accept the mowing and landscaping bid of Suburban Lawn and Landscaping.
Results:  Voted 5-0-1 in favor of.

Last agenda item:  Selection of paint color for the Pool House, to be painted by Gary Balthazor and neighbor immediately adjacent to the east side of the commons/playground parking lot.
Decided on Redwood/Cedar color