Southern Ridge HOA Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Greg Mudd –President, Tracy Giddens –Vice President, Gary Balthazor – At Large, Lisa Macy –At Large, Faith Kite –At Large, Jeff Blubaugh – At Large
Board Members Unavailable:
Invited Guests:   SR HOA Community

Initial Meeting open to community input. Approximately 8 residents attended the meeting. Topics discussed were line items on the budget sheet, account balance, SRHOA Website usage

Announcement made of 81 registered users onto the SRHOA website. Encouraged those in attendance to continue to spread the word to get full signed on usage of all households in the SRHOA.

Community members thanked for their time and attendance, and dismissed for Board to continue on actions and vote on proposals

Board Proposals:

Action Proposed:  Fall 2012 Planting Plan (Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, Grass)

Teired structure of fines based on # of falls occupied by current owner.  2” diameter Tree, 1 tree minimum due to size of some lots (Cov. call for 2 trees).  12 Bushes/Shrubs (perennials)

Results: Voted 6-0 In Favor

Action Proposed:  NWP Signs, Individual blocks must pay for signage and installation.  HOA would pick up cost of 3 signs, one for each entry (1 Pawnee, 1 Maize/Yosemite, 1 Maize/Greenfield)

Results:  Voted 6-0 in Favor                             

Action Proposed:  Open Pool May 19, 2012 due to school being out, close Tuesday after Labor Day Observed.

Results:  Voted 6-0 in Favor

Discussion:  Maize Road Ct. Commons maintenance.  Tabled to confirm they are paying dues to the SRHOA. 

Discussion:  Small lake Drainage issue, awaiting word from city on recommendation of plan, who owns field encroaching, accept bids from vendors to repair.